The company will offer six free trips to Hawaii — but only to residents of the city

After a long, long winter, it seems we are finally out of the cold weather danger zone. Spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner! But just because the weather is finally getting sunny where you live doesn't mean you're not ready (no— entitled !) to take a vacation. If this sounds all too familiar, I think you'll be pretty excited about the news that the Hawaii Tourism Authority of America is offering New Yorkers six free trips to Hawaii - because this deal looks pretty good.

There's more to this event than just beaches, leis and frozen drinks with paper umbrellas, though. Visit Hawaii USA, the U.S. marketing contractor for the Hawaii Tourism Authority, has a larger goal: to prove to travelers that work-life balance is indeed possible, even in the most tropical places. The idea of ​​working remotely isn't as foreign as it once was — 43% of Americans said they spent at least some time working outside the office, according to a 2016 Gallup survey cited by the New York Times — but the idea When people think of "remote work," they may more likely think of a home office than a beachfront view. Why is this so? Newsflash: Not necessarily. Waterfront views are even free .

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You can participate in the Hawaii Visit USA's Work in Hawaii residency program by applying online until June 4. The application process requires you to explain what kind of work you would focus on if you had the opportunity to work remotely in Hawaii, why working in Hawaii would benefit your skills and career, and share some background about your career trajectory. You also have the opportunity to choose from six different stations, each corresponding to a different island and providing a unique environment in which you can work in Hawaii.

No matter which of the six residencies you apply for, you'll be eligible to win round-trip flights from New York to Hawaii, seven days of dedicated work space, accommodations, three curated itineraries of activities, and per diem meals and transportation . If you have to work, this seems to be the best way to go, so why not help this travel company prove their point?

View detailed information on each location directly from the Hawaii Visitors Bureau:

Design Loft (Oahu)

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The Design Loft Residency is for artists and other creatives who are crazy about Oahu’s rich cultural scene. Tour companies even have artists waiting in line to meet whoever wins the residency.

Writing Desk (Molokai)

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The winner of the Desk Residency program will have access to a private cabin on a family-owned ranch with beautiful views. (Are Hawaii's landscapes bad ? Doubtful.) You'll have the opportunity to explore the area with locals to help inspire your writing, and you'll have access to two workspaces—one equipped with WiFi, the other allowing you Unplug.

Sound Space (Big Island of Hawaii)

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Musicians and podcasters, you’ve got a Hawaiian workspace. The residency offers a fully equipped recording studio and gatherings with local musicians.

Technology Laboratory (Maui)

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As the name of the residency program suggests, the Tech Lab is designed for techies who might benefit from multiple monitors and plenty of snacks for late-night work sessions. Maui is also filled with cool natural wonders to explore, like volcanoes and ten different weather patterns.

Corner Office (Lanai)

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Maybe you don’t have a corner office at home, but why not set up one in Hawaii? The winner of the residency will run a Four Seasons resort on Lanai and have the opportunity to learn leadership strategies and cocktail recipes from locals (just as important, isn’t it?).

Location Scouting (Kauai)

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Last but not least, the Location Scout station offers the least traditional of the six workspaces, ideal for photographers and videographers. Cars, catamarans and ATVs are available so you have all the necessary means of transportation to capture the perfect photo.