All solo travelers should check out these apps ASAP

There are about a million and one reasons why traveling alone is and should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do in life. Not only is it incredibly liberating (and challenging) to not have to answer to anyone but yourself—let alone at your own pace, time, and schedule—but it’s also a way to create a sense of place in people’s lives. Context is an incredibly helpful way to understand yourself and the world around you. Yes, even as I type this I realize how incredibly cheesy it sounds. But cheese aside, it’s true, and statistically speaking, the rise in solo travel isn’t surprising. While there may be many reasons for this, a lot of which can be attributed to the general perception of solo travel – i.e. how to do it, where to go, etc., people and women are more confident than ever before to get out Travel and do it.

According to a recent study by adventure travel company Intrepid Travel, nine out of 10 of the 2,000 U.S. participants surveyed were satisfied with traveling alone, which is remarkable. Today you'll find more and more travel companies like Intrepid offering a new category of travel, their product is "solo adventures" that are actually designed to bring a group of solo travelers together for a customized trip. It’s the best of both worlds – even if, in the end, you’re not really traveling alone.

However, if you do go it alone, technology plays a huge role in helping women discover a new place to call their own. Mend is one of the most ingenious travel apps and ideas that was actually developed to help women plan a truly amazing trip to help them get over a breakup.

"Not long ago, I was going through a breakup and looking for help online," Mend founder and CEO Elle Huerta wrote in Mend's "Letter from Our Founder." "I found a lot of cliche advice, but nothing that resonated with me. So I started building a website that I use myself: After connecting with thousands of heartbroken people around the world, I realized Having content is helpful, but what people really want is more personalized support.”

Because there's really no better way to cope with a breakup than planning an adventure, here are some of the best travel apps to help you plan your solo vacation.

1. patch

Launched in April 2017, Mend is a half-do-it-yourself, half-travel app designed for women (and men) with one main goal: to help women get over love breakups. One way to do this is to plan a truly epic trip. Mend offers everything from city guides and the best vacation spots to five of the best trips around the world.

2. peek

Even the most independent travelers like a bit of camaraderie, and that's where Peek comes in. A one-stop shop for activities, tours, and suggestions for local attractions from restaurants to museums, Peek connects you with local travelers and things to do in specific cities, primarily in the United States, London, Paris, and Mexico.

3. Google Translate

Let me say this about Google Translate: If this were a desert island scenario and I only had one app to choose from, Google Translate would be the one to choose from a million times. Let go, no questions asked. Not only can you translate into the language of your choice, but thanks to the built-in camera option, you can hold your phone over any menu, bar tab, etc. and it will translate the word for you. This is an absolute must, especially when traveling abroad, and can help with many language barrier issues. It's also a great resource for learning local colloquialisms and knowing how to say simple things like "please" or "thank you."

4. Sound

Audible isn't specifically aimed at travel, but it works great when traveling, especially when transiting. The free app allows you to download books to your smartphone, tablet or computer, which is a significant savings on long-haul flights.

5. Flying Yak

Designed for travel enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts, FlyingYak provides real-time costs and information on how to get to and from your destination, as well as information on what to expect once you arrive. They even have a filter for solo female travelers, which highlights the safety issues for women when traveling around the world.

6. Eat together

EatWith is one of the coolest apps ever created that combines all things food, travel, and locals, making it perfect for anyone who loves good food but might not want to dine alone. This app invites travelers to attend dinner parties at the homes and restaurants of locals in cities around the world. It has been called the Airbnb of the food world, which is so cool.

7. Tulina

Tourlina is a free women's app designed to connect travelers around the world, it works by entering your location and discovering travel buddies with shared interests and travel plans. You can start chatting and plan your trip together.

8. Funnel

Hopper is a great choice for cheap/last minute flights, perfect for girls on the go. The app analyzes billions of flights to help you find the best deals and the best times to fly and buy, making it a great resource for people with flexible travel schedules.