11 TV- and movie-themed hotels where you can stay

In light of the recent heartbreaking news that Game of Thrones won't be available for us to watch again until 2019, I thought we could all use some good news. And, oh look, I have some! While you can't watch the new season, you can live like a part of Westeros, at least for a night. This has to add a little filling to the hole in your heart. Even if you're not a Game of Thrones fan, you know what it's like to love the universe a movie or TV show created. Now you can be part of the magic by staying at themed hotels, including GoT themed hotels!

My favorite thing about any movie or TV show that grabs my attention and makes me a fan is pretending to be a part of it after the credits roll. When I was in preschool, I was so obsessed with the Batman franchise that I kept wearing the Batsuit, fake abs, and all, well beyond Halloween. Once the world of Harry Potter is projected onto a giant screen, forget about it. Like other kids, I checked my mailbox every day for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, feeling more anxious and excited than when I was waiting for my college acceptance letter.

Fans around the world now have a room, or a stage, where they can fully immerse themselves in the essence of these worlds.

Game of Thrones - Lapland Hotel Snow Village

At Lapland Hotels SnowVillage, you can book a Game of Thrones- themed stay for one or five nights (but only one night is recommended). On the ice. No, actually, the temperature stays between a "comfortable -2 to -5 degrees Celsius," which is 28.4 to 23 degrees Fahrenheit. This way you can truly understand the emotional intent behind "Winter is Coming",

Star Wars — Walt Disney World Resort

In July 2017, Disney Parks Blog revealed that Walt Disney World was building a Star Wars -inspired themed resort. The fully immersive experience will feature rooms with views. galactic. It's casual. "Once you leave Earth, you'll find a vibrant starship with characters, stories and adventures unfolding all around you," said Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts "Honestly, I'm getting emotional.

Harry Potter - The Wizarding Room at the Georgian House Hotel

At the Georgian House Hotel in central London, you can experience Harry's amazing world by staying in their "Wizard's Room". Hidden behind a door disguised as a bookcase, you'll enter and find your room filled with gothic charm. Let’s just say it’s not exactly an under-stairs cupboard. There's no word yet on whether your Hogwarts acceptance letter has finally arrived via the letter drop.

Lord of the Rings - The Hobbit Motel at Woodring Park

You can live like a hobbit at Woodring Park in New Zealand. In addition to staying in one of the two Hobbit motels, you can also choose to sleep on the plane.

Batman —Eden Motel

This room may not have your own Alfred, but the digs are worthy of Bruce Wayne. At Taiwan Eden Motel, you can sleep like Batman for a night. Maybe not quite like Batman. You'll sleep better because the well-being of Gotham City no longer rests on your shoulders.

"Frozen " - Ice Hotel

Canada's Ice Hotel may not have been built to fulfill Frozen dreams, but it's not the worst location for an Elsa impression. Mainly because, well, you're surrounded by ice. In a magical way. In a way that becomes one with the snow.

Barbie – The Barbie Suite at Palms Casino Resort

If you want to experience the luxury of being Barbie, head to Las Vegas, where The Palms Casino Resort has a Barbie Suite.

Disney Fairy Tales – Wonderland Suite at Disneyland

You've seen the classics. You know what life is like as a princess. Prince Harry may be whisked away, but Disneyland's Wonderland Suite will give you an up-close experience of royal luxury. Unfortunately, however, there are no beautiful forest creatures in the room to help you pick out your outfit and become your new best friend.

Alice in Wonderland - Wonderland House

England's Wonderland House is basically where Alice hangs out all the time. I don't blame her. The quirky decor of the rooms works well and makes a stay in this house pleasantly strange. Even if you choose not to stay the night, you can choose to have the most spectacular tea party ever.

Pirates of the Caribbean – Disney Caribbean Resort

At Disney's Caribbean Resort, you can sleep on a pirate ship. Well, this is a pirate ship bed. The atmosphere is very "AHOY!" It's the perfect base for an immersive adventure.