14 Gadgets That Will Change Your Travel Game

I'm a big believer in the saying: "Getting there is half the battle." Three-day road trips are high on my list of favorite pastimes, and the longer the flight, the better. There's something meditative about long journeys; you have nothing to do but sit in your seat and think about things. You're forced to slow down and take it one mile at a time. In my opinion, we are not doing enough in this regard. We are always busy, but we rarely focus on what we are doing.

That being said, idly staring out the window without travel entertainment gets old quickly - especially if your plane is stuck in clouds at 35,000 feet over the North Atlantic, or your car has just crashed Up on that desolate farmland in Ohio. (Spoiler: The staccato cow is the funniest thing you'll see all day.) That's why you need an array of trustworthy gadgets and equipment so your travel time can be well spent. From adult coloring books to hats that play your most exciting playlists, this list has everything you need to ensure you're entertained and satisfied, no matter how much time you have left on the ride.

Document your travels in a travel-friendly way

Flip Mino Camera, $199, Amazon

A camera is essential when traveling, but few cameras are designed specifically for the occasion. With many parts and plugs, they are bulky, inconvenient, and easily lost or damaged. This flip-up camera fits right into your back pocket, with everything you need mounted directly on the device. It has excellent video quality, a pop-up USB connection for easy uploading, and built-in editing software lets you personalize your footage quickly and easily.

stay warm and keep rocking

Bluetooth Headphone Cord Knit Cap, $20, Amazon

If you're going somewhere cold, gloves and touchscreens don't always mix. Neither will bulky clothes and wires. This awesome Bluetooth headphone cap features a wired woven design that lets you stay warm while wirelessly streaming music from your phone or tablet. It also has a built-in microphone so hands-free calling is a breeze.

Color makes you relax

Adult coloring book, $7, Amazon

Fun fact: Adult coloring books have been found to reduce stress and anxiety, so why not turn your travel time into a low-key therapy session? This mandala and henna inspired design will keep you entertained for hours. It is the best selling brand because its designs are stunning and intricate and can be used with any coloring material.

Read anything, anytime, anywhere

Kindle Voyage, $200, Amazon

If you're an avid reader with a serious case of wanderlust, you know that books can be both a necessity and a huge inconvenience when traveling. Kindle Voyage holds all your favorite e-books in a stylish design without weighing down your luggage like hardcover books. It's the thinnest Kindle yet, and it looks more like a printed page than ever before. Finally, its very cool features like built-in dictionary, lighting, translator, and bookmark system make it one of the most popular ebook readers on the market.

Games on the road

PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System, $180, Amazon

If you're a gamer (or you know someone who asks "Are we there yet?" until they're completely distracted), this portable gaming console is a great gadget. With a built-in WiFi system, hundreds of games to choose from, and a movie and music platform, it's a complete entertainment system in the palm of your hand. Being "bored" is no longer an option.

Capture the moment now

Fujifilm Instant Mini 8 camera , $60, Amazon

While documenting your travels on video is a fantastic idea, the instant gratification is hard to beat. View your highlights when you want with this printer-camera-in-one gadget you'll believe you've never traveled without. Not only does its LED light capture the perfect light every time, but its high-key mode means softer images that mimic your favorite Instagram filters. (After all, that's where the photo is going to end up anyway, right?)

Hide something in the hairbrush

Hairbrush Transfer Safe, $19, Amazon

One of the biggest stressors of traveling is having all your valuables either carried with you or stored out in the open. With this hairbrush transfer safe, you can rest easy knowing that no one will find your hidden money whether it's in your checked luggage, in a restaurant parking lot, or buried in your beach bag. There's more to it than meets the eye, and it's both convincing and very convenient.

Combines fresh food and extra arm cushioning

Black & Decker Travel Cooler, $77, Amazon

This is, hands down, the best cooler you'll ever come across. Yes, it keeps your food fresh and cold, but it can also heat food up to 120 degrees. It plugs directly into your car to keep food at the desired temperature, and it makes the most of small spaces, with several cup holders and padded armrests for easy riding. You'll never take another road trip (or picnic) without it.

Charge your devices anytime, anywhere

Crave Travel Pro High-Density Power Bank, $25, Amazon

For places where plugs and cigarette lighters are unavailable, this Crave travel battery is the ideal backup battery for your phone or tablet. If you're stuck in an airport or on a plane for an extended period of time and the battery is running low, just plug it in and restart. It's strong enough to go from 0% to 100% four times, and its compact, sleek design and dual USB ports make it ideal for flying, hiking, and traveling.

Sleep easily during combat and road trips

J-Pillow, $29, Amazon

When all else fails, take a nap. This J-shaped travel pillow offers more support than a standard neck loop design, ensuring you can sleep almost anywhere. It's designed so you can lean against a window, a seat, yourself - you name it - while keeping your neck, chin and head in a comfortable position. It also comes with a convenient clip so it can be attached directly to your suitcase.

Challenge a friend to some friendly competition

Electronic Buzzwords, $22, Amazon

You still have hours to go and staring at a screen can induce motion sickness, and interacting with your travel companions can help everyone be more present in the moment. Plus, this classic game's five categories and easy-to-understand score display mean there's no lost board or cards to keep track of.

Charge all your devices – not just your phone

Power inverter for smartphones, tablets, and more, $27, Amazon

Let's face it: We rely on our devices, especially on long car rides. This power inverter plugs directly into your cigarette lighter and works like any wall plug in your home. It's the #1 best-selling product, and it's perfect for things you don't have a car adapter for: laptops; travel TVs; frankly, anything you can think of. Unlike other brands, it has cool features like low battery alarm, cooling fan, and short circuit protection.

Stay warm and comfortable anytime, anywhere

Travel blanket, $30, Amazon

No trip is complete without a little comfort. This travel blanket is made from super soft, lightweight polyester material that won't weigh down your bag. It's much warmer than the blankets handed out on planes and can even be rolled up into a suitcase for easy carry-on.

Never hear "Who has the auxiliary line?" again

USB Cable Bundle , $13, Amazon

The worst part was that there was only one person in the car with an auxiliary cord. Have a backup to start the playlist early when they are the last person on the bus. While you're at it, bring all the essential road trip items you can't afford to lose (but can seemingly find): USB car charger, travel charger, two data cables, that pesky auxiliary cable, etc.

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