You can stay at a working alpaca ranch for $74 a night on Airbnb

If you've been craving that "oh, home on the ranch..." moment where you can relax and get away from it all, Airbnb has plenty of options. There is always some new place to discover that may seem so far away. It's a place to relax and escape from the hectic modern life, but sometimes (and only sometimes) those opportunities come from their very own alpacas . That’s right, you can stay at an alpaca ranch, thanks to Airbnb’s constant thirst for more and more interesting listings.

If you've been looking for a break but still have some furry friends around, there's nothing better than a real alpaca ranch. Located near Paso Robles, California, you can rent a private room at the ranch and wake up to stunning views and furry friends every morning. Oh – and they also have almonds. "Just 10 minutes from downtown Paso Robles is a working alpaca and organic almond ranch," the description reads. "Country living with dusty roads on dry summer days. Private entrance to the room and private bathroom located across the hall from the room. Served with a variety of breads, bagels, fruit and yogurt ? ! That's all I need. Daphne, the owner, was obviously very happy and I wanted to go there and have my soul soothed.


Although the room looked rather small and basic, when I searched for listing options on Airbnb, it was only $74 per night. For $74 you get the aforementioned bagel, and it looks like a gift basket and includes other snacks. Oh, and there's also the chance to hang out with llamas and admire the beautiful skies. Seriously, you get lovely friends throughout. “Daphne’s Hideaway Ranch offers animal lovers in beautiful Paso a unique and comfortable stay,” one reviewer wrote. “Upon arrival we were immediately greeted by the very friendly Pyrenees dog Blue and the very We were welcomed by the adorable cattle dog Pistol. Later, we met our dear Lana, another affectionate Pyrenean dog.”

They also said the owner gave them a great tour and provided more information about the property, animals and alpaca products - for other yarn fans (like me) who want to see it from the source For me, this is a gem. This is a great opportunity for animal lovers - although it looks to be booked well in advance so you may want to keep an eye out for availability.


Airbnb has a lot of unique travel experiences right now — from accommodations in weird places to Airbnb’s competition with the Louvre Museum to old-fashioned options to stay in haunted places. If you're not looking for a chance to be spooked by a ghost or hang out with a herd of adorable alpacas, I can recommend you the crowning glory of all Airbnb options: the chance to live in a giant potato. Art, ghosts, potatoes—Airbnb really has something for everyone.

Finding the perfect getaway isn't easy, but Airbnb does make it easier to think outside the box. Staying at a working alpaca ranch is obviously a dream opportunity for animal lovers, so book in and take lots of photos - because these alpacas are just too pure for words to describe.