10 Amazing Holiday Ideas for Nerds

As a nerd, spring break has never been about finding the best city to party in, but rather finding the nerdiest destination possible. Don't get me wrong, spending spring break with your best friends and indulging in whatever makes you happiest is the goal. But if you're like me, a big literature buff who puts on your strongest sunscreen before hitting the beach to read, then you might also be interested in some bookish getaways this year.

Whether you're looking to book a cross-ocean flight or just have the funds for a quick road trip, I've got you covered. Planning a trip can be exciting and stressful. As someone who is constantly full of books, finding time to read as much as possible during the holidays is a priority for me. From book-themed hotels, famous author destinations, cozy cafes, and more, the places to travel for bookworms can be endless.

Including top-rated bookstores, literary-themed hotels, museums, and popular reading spots, here are 10 great ideas to consider when planning the ultimate nerdy spring break trip this year:

1. Key West, Florida

I just got back from the Florida Keys where I did get sunburned, but the highlight of my vacation was petting lots of six-toed cats at the Ernest Hemingway House. If you're a fan of classic literature (and like cats), a visit to the Hemingway House will be a worthwhile experience for you. The Florida Keys make you feel like you're on a secluded island, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With plenty of sunshine to soak up, beaches to read on, and historic little streets to wander, this is truly the perfect getaway for any book lover.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

As a Harry Potter fan, there are many places you want to visit in your life. The great thing about Edinburgh is that it's home to the iconic cafe The Elephant House, where JK Rowling wrote parts of HP, but it also has lots of other fun things to do. Between gorgeous libraries, castles, museums, cafes, and even a few fun shopping streets, it's a quiet and quaint way to spend your spring break.

3. Orlando, Florida

If you're a HP fan but can't make it to Scotland this year, head to one of the best and most exciting spring break locations in the United States, Orlando, which is packed with fun things to do, including The Witcher's obvious destination, Universal Studios The world of Harry Potter. Whether you choose to spend your entire stay strolling Diagon Alley, sipping Butterbeer, or exploring Orlando's other theme parks, you're guaranteed to enjoy warm weather and an unforgettable vacation.

4. New Zealand

If you can, this spring break, you can explore Middle-earth in beautiful New Zealand. Taking one of many Lord of the Rings tours, any fantasy fan will be inspired and blown away by New Zealand's natural beauty. It’s the perfect place to go hiking, whale watching or just relax and read on the beach while being surrounded by a whole new world.

5. New York City, NY

Last spring break, my best friend and I went to New York with one goal in mind: visit all the best bookstores: The Strand, McNally Jackson, Bookbook, BookCourt, St. Marks Bookstore, and more. You can't go wrong visiting the best cities in the world, in addition to beautiful cafes, great libraries, literary bars, and even library hotels.

6. Nye Beach, Oregon

Did someone say Library Hotel? Not even New York can beat the unique and stunning Sylvia Beach Hotel. With rooms themed after great authors such as Mark Twain, JK Rowling, Agatha Christie, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald and more, I can't think of a better place to stay. . With numerous local attractions, restaurants and beautiful beaches, it's the perfect place for any book lover. It may not be sunny every day, but imagine on a rainy day you can read a good book in the hotel's own library.

7.London, UK

In addition to a Harry Potter studio trip to London, there are many more book-themed places to visit in this incredible city. You can take a walking tour of Sherlock Holmes, visit the many gorgeous bookstores, dine in taverns where famous authors like George Orwell once wrote their works, and, of course, catch a play at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. London is one of the most vibrant, beautiful and exciting cities and a top choice for all major readers.

8. Porto, Portugal

Want to visit the most beautiful bookstore in the world? The Portuguese city of Porto is home to the Livraria Lello bookstore, which happens to be another place where JK Rowling was inspired. After visiting the bookstore once, twice or every day, the magic of this city will continue to make you feel like you are living in a fantasy book. It’s stunningly beautiful, with numerous beaches, architecture, and more. Why not enjoy a few drinks and lots of sunshine this spring break?

9. USA Road Trip

Spring break is often one of the best times to take a road trip with friends. No matter where you start, there are many cities in the United States with literary destinations to visit. Concord, Massachusetts is home to Thoreau Farm, where you can connect with nature on the shores of Walden Pond. Kansas City, Missouri is known for its incredible libraries. Salinas, California is home to the National Steinbeck Center, where you can experience Steinbeck's hometown. I can almost guarantee that any state you visit, you’ll find a place related to nerdy books. Or you can drive along Route 66 in memory of Jack Kerouac.

10. Staycation, your home

Is there a better option for nerds? Head to your favorite bookstore (or just order online from your bed) and pick up some new books you've been meaning to read. Spend an entire week reading each book and ignore social media and TV for a while. While you're reading the last chapter, cook yourself a bookish dinner and take a long bath. It's cheap, convenient, and probably the best way for any book lover to enjoy some downtime.

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