I've been using a Samsung flip phone for two months and my selfies have never been better

It’s no secret that flip phones are all the rage right now, and rightly so. Not only does the device tug at your Y2K-nostalgic heartstrings, but being able to dramatically hang up on someone is a thrill that can't be replicated by today's smartphones. Enter stage left: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5.

The new phone, launching in July 2023, will function like a flip phone but with the same touchscreen and smartphone functionality you're probably used to. I've been using this device for two months, and after reliving my formative years in the early 2000s, my selfie game has never been better.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Quick Facts

When open, the 6.7-inch screen features seamless image quality and a vibrant Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, and when it's folded, you can access email, widgets, and other useful apps with just a few taps. With the dual camera, you can take photos using the 12-megapixel (MP) ultra-wide-angle or 12 MP wide-angle camera. Oh, and don't forget the 10 MP selfie camera inside. This is a new take on the beloved Y2K accessory.

conversation starter

I've taken the Flip5 out with friends many times, and the device was the life of the party every time. Even though the phone's design looks old-school at first, it's the phone's futuristic features that have everyone super excited. Not only were they impressed that the screen folded almost imperceptibly when the phone was flipped open, but they also liked the way the phone felt in their hands.

smile for camera

My friends and I also had a lot of fun with the camera because it made taking group photos even more fun than usual. It truly feels like one of the best adult toys out there.

The camera is by far my favorite feature of the phone - after all, the Flip5's quality is much better than the Samsung Juke camera phone I owned about 16 years ago. The display menu lets you resize the photo and modify the tones in real time, which I found very helpful while shooting, especially since I'm used to editing photos for clarity after taking them with the iPhone 13.

You can also set a timer, but if you forget to do that before posing, it's no big deal. Just hold your hand in front of the camera and the phone will wait about four seconds before taking the photo. I'm used to filming videos of my fit checks and then taking screenshots of various poses, so this hands-free option is a huge game-changer for my thirst trap.

Every time you take a photo there comes a moment when you want to change it up a little. Thankfully, you can easily switch between exterior and interior cameras to suit your creative vision at any time. All you have to do is turn your phone on or off and the camera will automatically launch if it's already in use. If you want to take selfies from a distance, the phone folds into its own selfie stand - no more chewy selfie sticks ruining your mirror photos.

Provided by Samsung

Flip5 also offers a variety of tools to help you get the best photos, no matter the subject. One feature, aptly named Food, creates the perfect focus for all your dinner plate photos, so your phone can eat first while you perfect the flash and focus without delaying your meal. And you can't forget Director View, which basically creates your own BeReal camera by showing you views of the front and rear shots simultaneously, giving you dual POVs. Plus, you can even use Director View to record video and capture your reactions at your next concert without missing a second of the action on stage.

If you take away the fashion sense, is Flip5 still worth trying? After all, not everyone needs a phone as an accessory. The Flip5 has better battery life than my current phone (which anyone would consider a plus) and folds up better to fit in my pocket.

I also have a bad habit of constantly dropping my phone, and I didn't trust the screen protector to withstand my clumsiness and the creases it was sure to create from constantly opening and closing the device. Ultimately, I'm not sure I'll transition to the Flip5 full-time, but it was fun to pretend to be a Samsung user for two months.

There's no better accessory to complement your Y2K outfit than a flip phone, except a flip phone with smartphone functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is now available in stores nationwide, waiting to be paired with low-rise jeans and jelly sandals.