How to share favorite songs on Spotify

what to know

  • Spotify desktop: Click Liked Songs > Right-click the song > Share > Copy song link or Embed track .
  • Move favorite songs to playlist: Liked song > Ctrl or Cmd+A > Right-click to select from playlist options.
  • You can move your favorite song list or individual songs or delete them completely.

This article teaches you various ways to share your favorite songs on Spotify, and how to turn your favorite songs into playlists using the Spotify desktop app.

Sharing a favorite song on Spotify is different from sharing a playlist because it's individual tracks rather than a playlist you created. But sharing your favorites this way is almost just as easy.

Here's how to share your favorite songs on Spotify with your friends.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Click Liked Songs in the left pane.

  3. Find the song you want to share.

  4. Right-click the song.

  5. Hover over the share .

  6. Click Copy Song Link to copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere.

  7. If you wish to embed the track on your website, click Embed Track .

If you want to copy all your favorite songs on Spotify and move them to different playlists, the process is very similar. By following this method, you save the effort of copying each song individually.

Here's how to do this.

This method does not allow you to share the link with others. To share songs, you need to convert your favorite songs into playlists as mentioned earlier.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Click Liked Songs in the left pane.

  3. On PC, hold Ctrl+A once (or Cmd+A on Mac) to select all songs in the list.

  4. Drag a song to an existing playlist in the left pane to add it there.

    You can also delete all your favorite songs by right-clicking the selected song and clicking "Remove from Liked Songs" .

If you want to turn your favorite songs into a playlist, this is also an option. Or you can add all your songs to a queue so your music is always playing. Here's how to do both in Spotify.

  1. Open Spotify.

  2. Click Liked Songs in the left pane.

  3. Hold down Ctrl+A (PC) or Cmd+A (Mac) to select all songs in the list.

    Or, if you want to move a song to a playlist, right-click the song.

  4. Hover over Add to playlist .

  5. Click Add to Playlist > New Playlist or Add to Existing Playlist.

    If you wish to add it to the queue, select Add to Queue .

  6. The playlist is now created. Right-click it and select Edit Details to rename it.

If you've created a playlist based on your favorite songs and want to share it with someone, here's what you do.

  1. Right-click the playlist in the left pane.

  2. Hover over the share .

  3. Click to copy the link to the playlist .

  4. The link will be saved to your clipboard and you can share it with friends or social media.

    To generate code for placement and sharing on the website, select Embed playlist > Click the Show code checkbox > Copy .

  • With a personal Spotify Premium account, you can only use your account to listen to music on one device, but can download music on up to five devices. With the family plan, you can use your account and play music on as many devices as you want. If you share your login credentials with friends, only one person can stream music at a time, but the other user can listen to the downloaded songs offline.

  • In the Spotify app, select a song or podcast episode. Click the "Available Devices" icon in the lower left corner to bring up the Spotify Jam (formerly "Group Sessions") feature. Select Start Jam > Invite > Share Link .

  • To find a friend's playlist on Spotify, go to Friend Activity > Select that friend > Select See All next to Public Playlists. Or, ask your friends to share their playlist links with you.