How to create a 3D avatar on Facebook

Your meta mini-me is about to get a new look. Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced via a Facebook post that the social media platform's avatar feature will receive a major update on January 31. Avatars will be available in 3D and on Instagram Stories for the first time. Additionally, the update will include new options for customizing your avatar. Many of Meta's platforms are moving toward 3D avatars, an experience we're seeing in the Metaverse: "We view the Metaverse as an interconnected digital world, a bridge between VR and AR, in addition to more familiar platforms, such as your phone and computer,” Aigerim Shorman, general manager of avatars and identities, wrote in a blog post announcing the update.

The avatar update will be available to users in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, who can display their new 3D avatar on Facebook, Messenger, VR (via Quest), Instagram Stories, and Instagram DMs. Avatars will appear as sticker options on messaging platforms like Messenger and Instagram DMs. Users can create three different avatars for Facebook, Instagram and VR, and can also use the Meta Account Center to sync their avatars across all platforms.

Whether you already have an avatar or are creating one for the first time, this update is sure to help you create an avatar that better expresses yourself. New customization options include the introduction of new facial expressions for your avatar, a wider selection of facial features, and a wider range of skin tones. Users can also add cochlear implants or hearing aids to one or both ears, and can also choose to have their avatar use a wheelchair.

These features not only help users create avatars that more closely resemble themselves, but also allow users to try out new online personas. "What I love about our avatars is that you can try new hairstyles or outfits that you might not wear in real life. For example, sometimes I like to give my avatar red hair, which I haven't had since high school hair," Shoman tells Bustle. "It's a fun way to try out new looks." Not to mention, Facebook's first steps into exploring digital apparel will include rolling out custom Super Bowl LVI T-shirts so you can show off your team pride while dishing out criticism on Messenger Feel, or celebrate your love with snacks, commercials, and halftime shows with team-neutral Super Bowl tees.

Do you need to create your avatar to participate in the refresh? If you're ready to experience what the Metaverse has to offer, here's a step-by-step guide on how to create your own 3D avatar.

How to create a meta avatar


To create a meta avatar, go to the Facebook or Messenger app and click on the main menu. On the Facebook app, you need to click on the three horizontal lines in the lower right corner of the screen. Scroll down until you see the "See more" button. Click this option and you will see an "Avatar" button. On Messenger, click your profile picture in the upper left corner and scroll down to "Avatar."

From here, a window will open with simple steps to customize your avatar. First, choose your skin tone from a variety of options. Next, choose a hairstyle and hair length (the logo will look like a head of hair). Click the drop-down icon on the right to choose your hair color. As you keep clicking each button to the right of the next button, you will see a new list of options for you to choose from, including your face, eyes, eyebrows, glasses, nose, mouth, facial hair, body shape, Clothing, headwear, and accessories. You can also click the mirror icon in the upper right corner (below the Done button) to open the front-facing camera. This way, you can compare your avatar side-by-side with your real-life self. Once your avatar looks ready to debut, click "Done" in the upper right corner.

In Instagram, you can create an avatar by "Edit Profile" or by clicking on the avatar sticker in Instagram Stories.

How to use your avatar

3D avatars are available for Facebook, Messenger, VR, and now Instagram Stories. On Facebook and Messenger, users can add new avatars as stickers to chats, comments and stories. You can also update your profile picture to your new 3D avatar. On Instagram, users will be able to add their avatars as stickers to their direct messages and stories. Just click on the sticker tray on Instagram to add your avatar.