"Basement Yard" host is TikTok's biggest hit in 2023

The five-year plan always offers some head-turning trends and fun viral videos. This is often how we end up with the most random people - sometimes they draw us into their personal dramas, and other times they let us in on their very normal lives. Of course, you can't forget those people who always have a podcast mic and know how to captivate us with witty quips and belly laughs in 60 seconds or less.

There's no shortage of podcast content on TikTok, but one particular duo is taking the platform by storm. Their names are Frank and Joe, and while putting two podcasting brothers in a room has been known to produce less than positive results, TikTokers agree that the wholesome moments and hilarious dialogue in this show make Basement Yard an exception .

What is the Basement Patio Podcast?

The Basement Yard is a comedy podcast co-hosted by childhood friends Joe Santagato, 31, and Frank Alvarez, 31. The podcast's audio episodes are released every Monday, but they've also launched a video component on YouTube, which has 584,000 subscribers and counting. As of December 15, The Basement Yard has over 400 episodes aired, but exclusive bonus episodes are released to Patreon subscribers every week.

The show doesn't seem to have a central theme - in fact, the description of the show on Apple Podcasts reads: " The Basement Yard is a podcast run by me, Joe Santagato. I will write a lengthy description of what this podcast is about, But I’m not even sure… Enjoy!” On some shows, the co-hosts will swap stories from their childhoods, while at other times they’ll try their hand at games and powerful poetry slams. Make each other laugh.

While some male podcasters use their platforms to share controversial opinions and controversial conspiracy theories (Hi, Andrew Tate!), the fights on Basement Yard are harmless, hilariously funny, and at times Even relatable. Every episode feels like hanging out in a friend's basement, which is why the show's name is so apt.

But if you decide to dig back into the show's archives, don't expect to hear Santagato and Alvarez's trademark bickering and banter in every episode.


Who owns the basement courtyard ?

Basement Yard was created by 31-year-old Joe Santagato in 2015, but Alvarez didn’t join the show as a co-host until 2020. Prior to joining the show, Alvarez co-hosted The Stank, a Santagato-produced pop culture podcast, from 2019 to 2019. 2020. Before Santagato stepped onto the mic, he also had a following on YouTube (currently boasting an impressive 2.41 million subscribers) and a popular account on Vine.

Growing up together in Astoria, Queens, New York City, Santagato and Alvarez always aspired to be on television and make people laugh. As children, the two would entertain their friends and family by making videos and recording sketches with Santagato's camera. "Me and Frankie, this is our dream," Santagato shared on the 2nd Wind podcast in April. "Even when we were younger, we would watch Saturday Night Live at home and we would always be like, 'Yo, this is our dream, to be on this show.'"

After three years of podcasting, it looks like their dream is coming true. On December 11, the duo announced they would embark on their first tour. The comedy team will make stops in New Haven, CT, Montclair, NJ, and Medford, MA, with more dates to be announced soon.


If you've browsed Five Year Plan, you've probably seen a clip from "The Basement Yard" in your feed without even realizing it. In fact, the show has gone viral on TikTok so many times this year that trying to count them all is almost pointless.

First, there was a lively discussion on how to pronounce "coconut". Of course, then the Copenhagen disaster happened, and Alvarez tried to convince Sangato that Mystic, Connecticut, was a suitable alternative for the Danish capital. There are moments that really emphasize their differences, like when Alvarez wants his co-host to tell him that he misses him, and there are also episodes that emphasize how in sync they are, like when they sing together.


But it was a debate over Pop-Tarts—yes, Pop- Tarts— that started their viral journey. In the video, Santagato asks his co-host what his favorite flan flavor is. Alvarez listed strawberries as his top choice, but Santagato wasn't satisfied.

Frustrated, Alvarez shared his real answer: "Tie-in merch tarts for the 2002 Spider-Man movie." Santagato, shocked by the niche response, asked, "Can you be one?" ?” and the battle snowballed from there.


The controversy went viral on TikTok in October 2022 and has received 5.6 million likes so far. But if the number of likes and shares they receive on their videos isn’t proof of their popularity, maybe those comments will change your mind.

“This is how all men should be talking on podcasts,” @missdarcei wrote. "They are literally Nick and Schmidt from New Girl. I can't stop watching," @mega8bit commented. Once you see it, there's no turning back.

While clips of the podcast often go viral on TikTok, that's not The Basement Yard 's only success. The show is currently ranked No. 21 on Apple Podcast's Top Comedy Shows chart and No. 16 on Spotify's Comedy Chart.