You can add a Windows-style Start menu to MacOS

Macs don't have a Start menu like Windows, but that's not always true. In the 1990s, Macs offered a list of applications in the Apple menu, like this:

That's a distant memory now—it's been 25 years—so we probably shouldn't expect Apple to bring back the feature. Good news: I found a free app called XMenu through App Addict that more or less restores this functionality. In some ways, it's actually better than the retro option.

Load XMenu and add a menu bar icon (looks like a Mac application icon). You can click this button to browse your application folders.

It's not a perfect Start Menu replacement, especially if you have a lot of apps, but you can organize it a little bit. Any apps in a folder will appear as a submenu, which means you can organize things a little more by placing apps into specific folders in Finder.

You can also add more icons in settings. Supports your documents and home folders, which means you can use it to browse all your files.

If you are a user using these folders, there is also support for "Developer" and "Fragment" folders, as well as a "User Defined" folder that you can fill with whatever you want. You can create an alias for any folder in Finder by right-clicking and clicking Create Alias. You can drag various aliases onto ~/Library/Application Support/XMenu/Custom to build your own custom menu that includes all the folders you care about most. Of course, this takes more time, but it will work exactly the way you want.