It’s not just you, Twitter is down too

Twitter - Uh, sorry, X (formerly Twitter) is down. At least intermittently. I started writing this article when I noticed my problem: I tried to load the site in Chrome and after a while, I got a blank screen. I tried refreshing again and again the site returned no results. I switched to my phone and lo and behold, the website was working. So, back to my browser, yes, it works! However, after refreshing again, the result is blank again. oops.

Something is going on at Twitter HQ and maybe everything will be resolved by the time the issue arises, but for now, you may not be able to load your tweets. Here's an interesting twist: The last time a major social media network went down was under Meta's radar because Instagram, Facebook, and Threads all refused to load. At the time, everyone took to Twitter to view and laugh at the situation. Will people now return the favor to Twitter by flocking to Instagram, Facebook and Threads?

When I'm ready to post this, the site seems to be loading again for me. Hope it sticks. But considering that X (formerly Twitter) is now a skeleton crew, it's not hard to imagine more similar problems in the future.