Now you can use AI in Adobe Acrobat

Now you can create AI-generated images without leaving Adobe Acrobat.

AI can provide some useful features for creating and editing documents, and now with Adobe PDF you can use AI inside your documents.

In an announcement sent to Lifewire, Adobe announced a new feature called Acrobat AI Assistant, which allows you to use AI to generate and edit images in PDF documents, but you can also use it to extract data from multiple document sources for a more in-depth analysis. insights and even create draft content.

Image generation and editing capabilities are powered by Adobe's Firefly Image 3 Model, which Adobe says "is the first time a PDF application has provided image generation capabilities..."

The company also promises that its artificial intelligence can "better understand prompts" and provide "new levels of detail and variety." Using Acrobat AI Assistant, you can generate images to include in documents and even add visual appeal to document backgrounds.

Acrobat AI Assistant can also help you edit existing images in your document. Features include generating fills, removing backgrounds, cropping and removing unwanted objects.

The new Acrobat AI Assistant can also help you extract data from multiple documents in multiple formats to gain further insights from this information, including "key themes, trends, and relationships." Document types that can be accessed include PDF, Word, and PowerPoint, and any insights generated can be acted upon using the Acrobat AI Assistant to create content such as emails or reports.

Finally, this update enhances meeting recording, including the ability to generate summaries of key points and action items.

On a related note, Adobe and TikTok announced a partnership to bring TikTok's commercial music library to Adobe Express to allow access to "more than a million hits and hits" to make it easier for creators to create TikTok content, including adding musical elements, comes from Adobe Express.

Adobe AI Assistant in Adobe Acrobat will be available starting June 18, and Adobe is offering free access to Acobat AI Assistant until June 28. Thereafter, you'll need to pay a $4.99 monthly subscription to access these features, which includes 250 build credits each month. Adobe/TikTok commercial music library integration will begin on June 17.