What if your love language is sending memes?

While the future of our favorite social media platform may be uncertain (looking at you, Twitter), one thing is for sure: memes aren't going away. In the decades since their emergence, memes have become an inevitable part of our culture. Sharing these viral moments with family, friends, and romantic partners has evolved from a simple way to stay connected to a better expression of love and intimacy. You have to understand the recipient's sense of humor to successfully send memes, so you'll feel good when your crush starts DMing you posts related to conversations you had on a second date. So, does this mean sending memes should be considered a new love language? Three dating experts weigh in on the scope of modern forms of communication.

In case you need a refresher, there are five official love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, and quality time. In short, these languages ​​can help you categorize the ways you prefer to express and receive love from your partner in a platonic or romantic relationship. One might argue that sharing memes already falls into some of these categories—if your language is words of affirmation, then receiving memes from your partner that are relevant to your interests can show that they're listening. If you're someone who enjoys quality time, communicating through memes throughout the day when you're apart can help you feel closer.

Love languages ​​are often more than just the qualities you want in a partner, and according to dating coach Sabrina Zohar, for some people, love languages ​​are non-negotiable. Some people may not stay in a relationship if their partner isn't affectionate in the way they want them to be. However, dating coaches believe it's possible to have a happy, healthy relationship with someone who may not be as interested in meme culture as you are, which is why Zohar doesn't think it counts as a love language.

Zohar also acknowledged that sending memes can be used as a tool to "seek connection" or help create connections. That's why she sees it as a perk in the relationship and not everything else. "[Sending memes] can sustain a relationship, but I think if that's all you have, then you're in the same position as ignoring it. I don't know how it can strengthen [the relationship], rather than just enhance it, ” shared Zohar.

For many people in the dating pool, finding someone you can laugh with is a major must-have, which is why it might seem strange that there isn't a love language that includes this. Lindsey Metselaar, host of the dating podcast We Met at Acme, believes that sending memes as a form of communication can be considered a love language because it shows whether your sense of humor is compatible with a potential partner, but it's more likely Belongs to the official one, on the contrary, likes the language.

“If [sending memes] were any love language, it would be gift-giving because the meaning behind people who use it as a love language is that they want to know that someone is thinking about them when they see something. "

Sexologist Tara Suwinyattichaiporn holds a Ph.D. In human communication where sex and relationships are the focus, it feels a little different. The Los Angeles-based expert recognizes that forms of computer-mediated communication (CMC), such as text messaging or video chats, have become "an important part of life" for younger generations, especially in their relationships. She believes sharing memes allows "a generation very accustomed to computer-mediated communication" to show how much they care about each other. Suwinyattichaiporn believes that all forms of online communication should become a new love language category, rather than just classifying memetic communication as a love language.

"CMC is a tool for strengthening relationships, especially today when we are all on the go," Suwinyattichaiporn tells Bustle. "CMC is becoming an increasingly important tool for expressing affection or intimacy in the relationships in your life in ways never before possible." For example, look at long-distance relationships. Tools like FaceTime make it easier to stay connected to your partner throughout the day, even if you're three time zones apart.

Everyone familiar with social media trends knows that memes are basically their own form of communication, which is why finding someone who understands your meme "language" can be a truly special feeling. While it may be difficult to convince your partner that your love language is sending memes, there's no denying its connection to other equally important aspects of a successful relationship, like having a shared sense of humor and valuing communication.


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