OpenAI to announce launch of search engine powered by ChatGPT on Monday

[ Update May 13, 2024 at 2:30 pm: It turns out it’s not a search engine at all, but a more natural chatbot and a new free tier available to all ChatGPT users. Get details here. The original story follows. ]

OpenAI's search engine may be just around the corner. According to two exclusive sources with Reuters, the company is preparing to announce its plans for artificial intelligence search on Monday, May 13, laying the groundwork for a major battle with other search engines (Google, of course).

We know very little about OpenAI's plans for its "Google killer": Currently, rumors suggest that the search engine will use ChatGPT's artificial intelligence technology to return results from the Internet, citing its research. This sounds very similar to Google's AI search results, powered by Gemini, and Bing's Copilot search, also powered by ChatGPT. (Microsoft is a major investor in OpenAI.)

However, these big names aren’t the only ones pioneering AI-generated search. Founded by former OpenAI employees, Perplexity also offers AI search capabilities with citations. Additionally, Perplexity comes with filters to refine your searches: for example, you can choose to return only results for academic papers, or have the bot specifically pull resources from Reddit. (Many of us already add "Reddit" to the end of our searches anyway.)

While Reuters was the first to break the news, this isn't the first time we've heard about the company's plans for a search engine. Rumors about "ChatGPT Search" hit the headlines earlier this week after the URL "" was discovered. At the time, there was speculation that OpenAI would make a major announcement on May 9. Thursday went by without any such announcement, but there isn't much basis for these rumors. If Reuters' unnamed sources are to be believed, we'll see ChatGPT Search, or whatever the company eventually calls its search engine, on Monday.

The company declined to comment to Reuters on the outlet's new report, which doesn't tell us much. But there's no denying that speculation about the ChatGPT search has grown this week. If OpenAI does have an upcoming search engine, it will be interesting to see how much of an impact it has on the search market. How many of us would break away from Google or any of our favorite search engines if results were returned by ChatGPT? For a more in-depth analysis of this topic, check out my previous thoughts on ChatGPT search.