PSVR 2 game list: all games announced so far

If you've just picked up a PlayStation VR 2 and are wondering what to play on it, here's a list of all the compatible games. All of these are available digitally through the PlayStation Store, but you can also buy physical copies of some of them at retail stores.

After the full list, I've also included a list of suggestions if you're looking for something specific.

Maybe you just want a complete list of all PlayStation VR 2 games currently released. Here's the full lineup.

These games have all been announced, but some may not be released yet.

  • 2MD: VR Football Unleashes All-Stars
  • The seventh guest VR
  • thunder ace
  • across the valley
  • Affected: Manor
  • After the Fall: Complete Edition
  • Afterlife VR
  • aqa al
  • Altair Destroyer
  • Alvor VR
  • Among Us VR
  • Ancient Dungeon VR
  • Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs
  • Another fisherman's story
  • Apollo 13: The Lost Tapes VR
  • Arashi: Sin City – Final Cut
  • Arizona Sunshine 2
  • Awesome asteroid
  • B99 overclocking
  • barbaria
  • Bartender VR Simulator
  • defeat saber
  • VR beat beat
  • before your eyes
  • Behind the Frame: The Most Beautiful Scenery VR
  • Big shot
  • black hole pool
  • Border Robot VR
  • Box to the Beat VR
  • brain beating
  • saboteur
  • Breaking Stuff VR
  • broken edge
  • final budget cuts
  • Bulletstorm VR
  • C-Smash VRS
  • Cactus Cowboy: Desert Wars
  • Cactus Cowboys: Plants at War
  • Captain Thunhead vs. Outer Space Punks
  • Car Mechanic Simulator VR
  • cave digger 2
  • Cave Digger: Fortune
  • Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition
  • huge cave
  • Cooking Simulator VR
  • Cosmodred
  • universe high
  • Creed: To Glory - Champions Edition
  • Crisis Brigade 2
  • CrossFire: Sierra Squad
  • Saibi VR
  • D-Day Enhanced Edition
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Switchback VR
  • death hook
  • Demeo
  • Doctor Who: The Edge of Time
  • abjection
  • drum rock
  • Drunk bar fight
  • Time and Space Barrier: Time and Space Alternation
  • epic roller coaster
  • Fantasy 202X
  • super firewall
  • fisherman's story
  • Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Looking for help
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Help 2
  • forest farm
  • ForeVR Bowl
  • ForeVR Pool
  • Galaxy Shopping Cart
  • sea ​​garden
  • dazzled
  • genotype
  • Ghost Signal: Stellaris Games
  • Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord
  • Ghosn
  • GT Racing 7
  • Green Hell VR
  • Gun Club VR
  • Happy Paradise
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue
  • Hell Sweep VR
  • Horizon: Call of the Mountains
  • R'n'R Hotel
  • arrogant
  • Human Anatomy VR
  • human nature
  • job simulator
  • Foundation tour
  • Jurassic World: Aftermath Collection
  • Kayak VR: Phantom
  • Kill it with fire VR
  • Kizuna AI: Touch the beat
  • the last clockworker
  • the final maze
  • the last worker
  • legend
  • Lesmere Bodycombat
  • light brigade
  • Small cities: bigger!
  • low fidelity
  • Madison VR
  • master robot
  • Math World VR
  • Mecha Party
  • subway awakening
  • mixture
  • moss
  • Moss: Book Two
  • NFL career era
  • NFL Pro Era II
  • no man's sky
  • Knock
  • Not suitable for broadcast: VR
  • Oh shape
  • Operation Snake
  • Return of the Wolf: First Mission VR
  • Ofdak: an untold story
  • Paint the town red VR
  • paper beast
  • Pavlov
  • Peaky Blinders: King's Ransom
  • pistol whip
  • Pixel Tear 1978
  • Pixel Tear 1995
  • Prison Boss VR
  • Wingman Project: Frontline 59
  • Spread: Paradise Hotel
  • puzzling place
  • Gurgan District
  • Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR
  • Ragnarok
  • Rainbow Reactor: Fusion
  • Reading World VR
  • red substance
  • red matter 2
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Resident Evil: Village
  • Against the City: Never Say Goodbye
  • Rez Unlimited
  • rezl player
  • rhythm planet
  • The Room VR: Dark Matter
  • Ruin Wizard: Completed
  • runner
  • Explorer: My Shadow
  • Song in Smoke: Reignited
  • soul contract
  • Space Pier VR
  • Star Wars: Stories from Galaxy's Edge - Enhanced Edition
  • Beginner: Interstellar Bartending
  • stilts
  • Step Over: Destiny
  • Suicide VR Deluxe Edition
  • Super Death Game Show! Virtual Reality
  • survive
  • Survivor VR: Descendants
  • Martial Arts VR
  • synapse
  • Synthetic Knight
  • System key 2
  • The Story of Goro Ono
  • Tennis on the court
  • tentacle
  • Tetris Effect: Connected
  • Voglands
  • Sherlock Holmes Murder
  • The Witcher: Brotherhood of Dark Ages
  • Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street
  • heavy hitter
  • tiger blade
  • tin heart
  • toss
  • Towers and power
  • Townspeople VR
  • toy train
  • train chase
  • Transformers: Beyond Reality
  • travel text
  • Tripp
  • Twilight VR
  • Super Wing 2
  • Umurangi Generation: Special Edition
  • Immortal Fortress
  • Unplugged: Air Guitar
  • until you fall
  • vacation simulator
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice
  • Vegas Unlimited
  • Ven VR Adventure
  • Vertigo 2
  • very bad dream
  • world of vetrix
  • volcanic core
  • VR pigeon
  • VR skater
  • VRSO: bare-knuckle fighting
  • Walking mini golf course
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
  • The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution
  • wizard waltz
  • Wanderer: Fragments of Destiny
  • What bat?
  • You, calligrapher
  • Pinnacle: The Last City
  • Zombie Bar Simulator VR
  • Zombieland: Headshot Craze Reloaded

Looking for something scary? I recommend these movies to make you feel like you are fighting for your life in a horror movie.

Until Dawn: Blood Run, the original rail shooter from Supermassive Games, the developer of The Dark Pictures Anthology, takes players on a terrifying roller coaster ride filled with fear and monsters. The follow-up has the same idea, except it has four episodes taken from the first "season" of The Dark Anthology .

Release date : March 2023

Capcom has done a huge service for PSVR 2 users by making 2021's Resident Evil: Village playable in virtual reality. This version features hand-reloading, the ability to dual-wield weapons, and a new look at just how tall the internet's favorite vampire, Lady Dimitrescu, is.

Release date : February 2023 (VR mode)

Console owners can finally play the previously PC-only game, in which you and up to three friends form a ghost-hunting team to explore various cursed locations. Your goal is to investigate, identify the entities haunting the location, and escape before the spirits join you in their ranks.

Release date : August 2023

This rogue-like space horror game puts you inside a huge and terrifying spaceship, with a different layout every time you try it. Your mission is to escape to Earth, but all you have is a crossbow and the will to survive.

Release date : May 2023

PlayStation VR 2 offers a variety of games for those who want a more immersive experience of their favorite sports or even a real workout. Here are some of the best.

Fans of the "Creed" film series will be excited to step into the virtual ring. Rise of Glory: Champion Edition includes levels and fighters based on all three Creeds , as well as the ability to take on legendary fighters like Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa, and Ivan Drago.

You have to punch, put on gloves, and be ready to duck; you'll feel it the next day. This game has delighted my Apple Watch multiple times and I can confirm that it's a real workout.

Release date : April 2023

The Gran Turismo series aims to be the most accurate racing simulator available, so it's a great game to make players feel like they're behind the wheel.

Release date : March 2022

While you don't have to run the ball yourself in this VR football game (that's what the analog sticks are for), you do need to block defenders on your way to the end zone. The game prides itself on its adopted physics, which will also give your arms a workout.

Your VR gaming time doesn't have to be non-stop action. There are a variety of options to help you unwind at the end of the day.

If you like puzzle games, Puzzling Places will be more suitable for you. You'll sit in a virtual space and assemble a 3D version of a real location, all while surrounded by beautiful surroundings and ambient noise. You can start with just a few simple blocks, but if you want an extra challenge, you can go all the way up to 400 blocks.

I particularly like the telekinesis-style grab mechanic: you aim at a piece, press the grab button, and it flies into your hands. Whether you're sequencing or solving problems, this feature can set a fun pace for moving pieces. Best of all, I think it's fun no matter what challenge level you choose

Release date : December 2021

With this update, the legendary wave-clearing game gets a complete sensory overhaul, with added soundscapes for every move, flip, drop and wave-clear. It can also be used "flat", but obviously the fully immersive world of Tetris music is a better way to play.

While you'll encounter some limitations (fall speed, luck, etc.), I still think Tetris Effect is one of the most relaxing PSVR 2 experiences you can have. It's nice to jump into its world for a round or two at the end of the day.

Release date : February 2023

Kayak VR: Mirage is a relaxing exploration game that takes you on a small virtual ship to Antarctica, Norway, and other locations. You don't have many goals (although you can participate in races and speed trials), so you're free to paddle around and say hello to all the penguins.

Release date : February 2023

PlayStation VR 2 users who want to improve their action skills should check out these games.

The Horizon series tasks players with navigating a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous animal-themed robots. This VR title tells a new, more challenging story, and you're still fighting cybernetic dinosaurs with a bow and arrow, so the spirit is still there.

Release date : February 2023

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and its cumbersomely titled sequel , The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution, both drop you into a zombie-filled New Orleans. As you fight for the soul of your city, you'll face a variety of challenges trying to survive the undead and bad guys.

Release date : March 2023

While Resident Evil 4 is also a horror game in one of the most successful game series of all time, Resident Evil 4 featured hero Leon S. Kennedy's enhanced firepower, the ability to block chainsaws with a knife, and suppress the undead. techniques to make the action scenes more exciting. This VR version of the previously flat-screen game brings combat, fear, and monsters into a fully 3D environment.

Release date : TBD

Looking for kid-friendly games to play on PlayStation VR 2? Here are some of the most captivating games on the platform.

Sony says PlayStation VR2 is not suitable for children under 12 years old.

In this fantasy series, you'll go on adventures with Quill, the brave mouse. Along the way you'll help her solve puzzles and fight monsters, all in a fully narrated story. It’s so strange and interesting, and the mice are so brave. I think these are the best all-around games on PSVR 2 and I highly recommend them even if you're not looking for games

Release date : March 2022

You are a heavenly Shiba Inu guiding legions of people to soar in this admittedly weird but beautiful game. You'll tell your charge where to turn, where to jump, and which way to go to guide them to the exit of each level. It features cool visuals, forgiving difficulty, and a 2D mode, making it perfect for family play. Plus, you're a cool dog.

Release date : May 2023

Speaking of playing animals: This is a game that puts you in control of a few giant tentacles and then asks you to perform tasks. This is one of those games that's probably more fun when you fail, because destroying a cartoon city with a giant squid monster is always fun.

Release date : February 2023

  • PlayStation VR 2 is available from most electronics retailers. You can also buy it directly from Sony.

  • First, you should make sure your VR Sense controller is fully charged; you can do this using a USB-3 cable. To connect a headset to your PS5, connect it to one of the USB-3 ports on the front of the console. Then, press the power button under the visor to turn it on. When you connect and power on your PS5 for the first time, you'll get a walkthrough on putting on and calibrating the headset and controllers.