Get $450 off the all-in-one 24-inch iMac

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Over the past decade, it seems that most people prefer laptops to desktops. This makes sense, since some laptops have actually surpassed desktops these days. But for those who don't plan to move their computer, there's still a place for desktops. All-in-one desktops mean you can leave your computer powered on without having to worry about draining the battery; they also come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, often with better ports and other accessories that can be added. The all-in-one iMac 24-inch desktop for $799.99 (originally $1,249.99) does it all, and according to price comparison tools, it's currently the best price yet.

Apple iMac 24-inch Retina 4.5K Display All-in-One - Apple M1 - 8GB RAM - 256GB SSD

Launched in 2021, the Apple iMac 24-inch earned an "Excellent" rating from PCMag for its sleek, minimalist design and color-matching accessories, a fingerprint reader for secure and fast login, excellent camera quality, and its then-latest M1 processor. While we've already discussed the M3 chip, the M1 chip is still a great processor even years after its release , as Lifehacker's senior technology editor Jake Peterson will tell you. So yes, if you only do light work, internet browsing, and content consumption, the M1 will still be relevant in 2024.

As the name suggests, this is an all-in-one iMac desktop, so you get a color-matched keyboard and mouse. The desktop comes with 8GB of RAM, giving you more than enough power to handle some heavy-duty applications, and the iMac's incredible 23.5-inch Retina non-touch display with a resolution of 4,480 x 2,520 pixels (higher than 4K; " 4.5K" as Apple calls it), and 256GB of storage capacity.

If you're curious about the camera, it's a built-in webcam that can capture 1080p video. A keyboard with Touch ID lets you use your fingerprint to authenticate purchases, approve app permission requests, and log in without entering a password. This mouse is the same Magic Mouse you might see on other Mac desktops.