Tinder's latest feature could help you find your holiday treasure

In addition to iconic fashion moments, FOMO-inducing Instagram posts, and explosive artist performances, the festival also offers some great networking opportunities for music lovers. If you're one of those people looking for the quintessential "holiday babe," Tinder wants to have your back. On April 14, the app announced a new way for festival-goers to meet up: entering "Festival Mode." The new feature, created in partnership with Live Nation and available on the Explore page, allows users to choose which live music events they will attend to meet fellow attendees up to a month before each show. Whether you're looking for friends to scream every Harry Styles lyric with you or fall in love at a J. Cole show, this new mode just might make it happen.

Tinder says music is the most interesting content for users around the world. "Many of our members are excited to return to in-person events. We hope to build on this excitement and keep them engaged for years to come," Kyle Miller, Tinder's vice president of product innovation, said in a statement. Come meet new friends before one of the biggest festivals of the season. ” “Festival Mode…[is] a great, low-pressure way to reconnect with the real world. "

If you're attending a jam session this year, here's everything you need to know about Tinder's festival mode.

What’s Tinder’s holiday mode?

As early as a month before each event, Tinder users can start using festival mode to connect with other attendees. Festival Mode is located on the interactive Explore page and, along with other fun features like Swipe Nights and Blind Dates, allows users to select each show they want to attend and interact with other members attending.

Like other features on the Explore page, Festival Mode offers an alternative to using the OG swipe feature and filtering out regular users.

Most of us can agree that shooting a gun yourself can be very nerve-wracking. In a survey conducted by the app, 75% of singles aged 18-39 said meeting someone online before connecting in person could relieve the anxiety of trying to make a good first impression. Additionally, 31% of respondents reported planning to attend this year's festival, so it sounds like many people will be taking advantage of the opportunity to find a concert partner before attending the festival.

How to Use Tinder’s Holiday Mode

Tinder's festival mode lets you connect before a concert.

Festive Mode is located on the Explore page and is now available to all Tinder users. Before heading to the festivities, you can scroll through the list of available events - Bonnaroo, EDC, Lollapalooza Berlin, etc. - and add each event to your profile.

From there, you'll be able to browse other users who have also indicated plans to attend the same event. Just like in the main swiping feature on Tinder, you can swipe right or left on users heading to the show and chat with them if you happen to match.

For those who didn't attend the show, or if you don't see your show listed, there is a "Festival Audience" option within the feature; this option is also reserved for those who just want to mingle with other people who love the festival scene Down the space. Whether you're live streaming from your living room or riding a scooter at Stagecoach, Festival Mode looks like another way to add more excitement to the live music season.