How to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page

what to know

  • Visit and create an account. Select Static Tab > Create New Tab > Pinterest Tab .
  • Enter your Pinterest username > Select Save Settings . On, select the Pinterest tab.

This article explains how to add a Pinterest tab to the left column of your Facebook page so fans can click to see your latest Pinterest pins. We will use a third-party application called Woobox to accomplish this task.

Let your Facebook fans know about your Pinterest profile so they can follow you on Pinterest. The more Facebook fans who follow you on Pinterest, the more likely they are to see your pins and save them to their boards, which can lead to more saves, follows, and clicks.

  1. Navigate to in your web browser.

  2. Select "Register" in the upper right corner and create an account.

    Since you need to integrate Woobox with your Facebook account, select "Sign up with Facebook" to create your account. If you choose to create a regular Woobox account using your email address, you'll have to integrate your Facebook account later in the process.

  3. After logging into your new Woobox account, select Static Tab .

  4. Select Create New Tab and then select Pinterest Tab from the drop-down list.

  5. Enter your Pinterest username in the field next to .

    If you have an upgraded account, select "Mobile Access" to turn it on and allow fans to view your Pinterest tab on mobile devices. You can also select "Show All Pin Boards" to display your board, and "Show Pins in Pin Boards" to display the pins on a specific board.

  6. Select Save settings .

  7. In a new browser tab or window, navigate to your Facebook page and select the Pinterest tab that appears in the left-hand menu.

    A faster way to view your Pinterest tab is to select "View tab" on Facebook under the Pinterest header on Woobox.

  8. Boards or pins from your Pinterest profile appear on this tab.

    Your fans can view your boards on this Pinterest tab, similar to how they do on Pinterest. When they click on a board, they stay on your Facebook page and the tab displays the pins for that board.

    When they click the pin, a new browser tab opens showing the pin on

    If you display all your boards on a Pinterest board, rather than pins from a specific board, the order of your boards may not reflect how you arrange them on your Pinterest profile. You can't reorder them by dragging them on the Pinterest tab of your Facebook page like you can on your Pinterest profile.

If you want to change something about your Facebook Page's Pinterest tab, log into your account at and go to the Static Tabs page to view the current tab. Then, select Edit Tab to edit its details.

You can also select Admin > Statistics at the top to see the number of views, visits, and likes generated by your Pinterest tab. If you decide to delete the Pinterest tab, select Delete App .

Woobox can also add tags to your X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and YouTube Facebook pages. Follow the instructions above (except select X, Instagram or YouTube) and fill in the appropriate details.