How to stop Instagram from automatically hiding political content

Instagram and Threads will now hide political content by default, making it harder to follow current events, important updates on government policy, voting rights, protests, and more. If you're the kind of person who doesn't like looking at political content on social media, you can stop reading here. However, if you want to see posts about issues like health care, government positions on global conflicts, or bills supported by local politicians, then you should check Instagram's settings. (Note: Instagram says it will only limit recommendations of political content from accounts you don’t follow.)

How to stop Instagram from deleting political content

The bigger problem is that the algorithms created by companies are controlling what you see on social media. However, you can take the power back (in most cases). On Instagram, that could mean blocking the service from restricting political content. To do this, open the Instagram app on your phone and tap the profile icon in the lower right corner. Now, click on the three-line button in the upper right corner and go to content preferences . On this page you should select Political content and then select Unrestricted on the next page. This setting affects Instagram and Threads (it is not available in the Threads app).

The wording on this settings page makes it unclear what Instagram defines as "political content." The company says political content "may be related to legal, electoral or social topics, etc.," which is a vague definition at best. It added that you won't see political posts from public accounts in its Explore page, Instagram Reels, or suggested posts in your feed.

How this change affects you

Instagram has been talking about moving away from news and political content for some time, and this change solidifies its stance on the issue. The company says that if you follow political accounts on the service, you'll be able to see their content on your feed, but if you don't follow those accounts, it won't recommend those posts.

This will impact some accounts much more than others. If someone provides valuable information from a conflict zone, many people could benefit from seeing it. Over time, algorithms can easily hinder relief efforts when humanitarian aid or funding requests for relief operations are needed.

It’s unclear whether the move will reduce the spread of politically motivated disinformation, such as propaganda, anti-vaccination messaging or other types of unscientific anger bait.