How to watch virtual reality porn

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A friend of mine once said that when we are introduced to a new technology, the first question we ask is: "How do I have sex with it?" To that end, here's how to use Meta Quest 2, Quest 3. Use Apple Vision Pro, PSVR, Vive or other VR headsets to have sex... or watch virtual porn.

How to watch VR porn with Meta Quest 2

It's almost comically easy to get an "entry-level" VR porn experience with the Meta Quest 2 (or other headset).

Watch entry-level porn VR porn on Meta Quest 2

  • Lock the door.

  • Put on your headphones.

  • Click Browser.

  • Navigate to a website hosting VR porn content. Big free video sites like youporn have VR sections, or just google something.

  • Using PlayStation VR: Sony's PSVR seems to require a few extra steps. I haven't tried it yet, but here's a PSVR-specific guide to watching porn.

That's all you need to know to experience VR porn, but due to the huge file sizes of VR videos, streaming can be choppy, and the resolutions of free movies aren't usually the highest resolution. For a better experience, you have to (gasp) pay to watch.

Recommended headsets for watching VR porn:

  • Valve Index VR Complete Kit

  • meta task 2

  • Meta task 3

  • Piwei 4

  • Apple Vision Pro

How to watch VR porn with Meta Quest 3

The above instructions for streaming porn work the same on the Meta Quest 3 headset, but the Quest 3's front-facing pass-through camera array adds a new feature to porn viewing: augmented reality porn.

Getting your passthrough porn to work is pretty complicated, so here's a separate article detailing how to get augmented reality porn to work on your Meta Quest 3.

How to watch porn with Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro can easily stream, download, and play "normal" porn videos on the giant VR screen through its web browser, but immersive 3D videos made specifically for virtual or augmented reality won't work on the Apple Vision Pro. run on the browser.

Part of the problem is that WebXR, the programming interface used to access augmented reality and virtual reality devices, is not automatically enabled in Vision Pro's browser. Not enabling WebXR means no VR porn, but it also means you won't be able to access a lot of non-adult VR and AR content, such as web-based games, travel, productivity apps, and more.

Here's how to open WebXR:

  1. Open settings.

  2. Select application.

  3. Choose Safari.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Advanced.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select the feature flag.

  6. Under Experimental XR Features, enable the WebXR Device API and WebXR Manual Input module.

  7. Under the WebKit feature flag, enable the WebXR Augmented Reality module and the WebXR GamePads module.

  8. Exit settings.

  9. Open Safari, or if it's already open, refresh the WebXR-enabled page to check that it's working properly.

But even with WebXR enabled, you still can't publish full VR porn videos on the Apple Vision Pro. I spoke with Alex Novac of VR porn site SexLikeReal, who said: “We’ve put a lot of work into making AVP work. It’s a great video tool. It’s great. Big update coming soon."

Advanced VR Porn Viewing

  • Choose a VR website. Because VR porn is relatively new, more expensive to produce, and has a smaller audience than "normal" adult videos, there aren't many websites dedicated to VR porn. Most of them have sample videos to watch, and some offer very cheap single-day access so you can see if you like it. Check out the list of the most well-known manufacturers and make your choice.

  • Did you lock the door?

  • Open a browser, navigate to your newly chosen website and enter your credit card number. Membership fees vary by site, but expect $20 to $30 per month.

From here, you can stream full-length videos at very high quality, but streaming may still be choppy. If this is the case…

  • Download the video and save it to your device - these videos may be more than 10 so it may take a while.

  • Play Videos - The major VR headsets come with excellent video browsers, but if you want advanced features, spend $10 and download Skybox. This way you can save the video to your computer and stream it from your computer easily.

If you want to really progress, you can delve into the world of virtual reality sex toys. These devices are designed to vibrate and oscillate in sync with the video. I don't know how well these work, but if you know, please let us know in the comments section.

Is virtual reality porn good to watch?

Now that you know how to watch porn in virtual reality, you have to ask yourself if you should . The "you were there" immersion of virtual reality offers an experience that's markedly different from, but not necessarily better than, traditional porn. Like all things of this nature, it comes down to personal taste. I checked a few things out (just for research purposes, of course), and, without going into too much detail, here are the pros and cons:

Lock perspective

The idea of ​​involving the viewer directly in the action means the camera is locked to your point of view. If you're into that kind of stuff, it's for you, but if you're not... well, you just give it a try.


The illusion that the camera/you feel very close to the performers in VR porn videos is quite convincing, but actually selling this intimacy requires acting talent. It's a completely different kind of performance than film or stage, and, at the risk of being negative, many porn performers don't have the ability to actually pull it off, so it might just feel weird, rather than sexy weird. Again, your mileage may vary.

Limited content

Because it's more expensive and difficult to shoot VR videos, and the audience is smaller, it seems like almost all VR porn is aimed at a mainstream porn audience. You'll be happy if you share the tastes of most porn viewers. If you like something more esoteric, you may find it difficult or impossible to find something you like, at least until more perverts join the virtual world.

gender bending

Most VR porn is designed for straight men, but not all. VRporn is told from the perspective of gay/bisexual men and women (straight, gay and bisexual) and it offers the most unique possibility of VR porn: putting yourself in someone else's skin. It's weird enough to look down at yourself and see a different body (one that doesn't skip AB day), but to look down and see a body of a different gender is, in the best possible way, really weird of. I can only assume this will usher in a new era of empathy and the end of sexism and homophobia.

Suitable for couples?

In reality, most porn is consumed alone, but some couples are putting on headphones (and perhaps other devices) and integrating virtual content into their shared real-life lives. I thought the actual experience with headphones would be a bit ridiculous, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned.