10 Quick X (formerly Twitter) Tips for Beginners

Are you new to X (formerly Twitter)? The popular microblogging platform has been around for years, but that doesn't mean you're missing out. With some basic X-tips, you can be a pro tweeter in no time. Here's what you need to know.

X is an open public social network where anyone can see your posts and interact with you. By default, your profile is public. However, you can make your X activity private so that only people who follow you (which requires your approval first) can interact with you.

Before you start tweeting, consider checking out other user profiles to see how they use X. You can learn a lot by observing other people's behaviors and habits. Seeing how other people react to X can give you a good idea of ​​what kind of X etiquette exists.

To build your X following, some things you can do immediately include:

  • Schedule your tweets for maximum exposure.
  • Add visuals to your tweets.
  • Tweet more often.

Retweets are an important part of X, often making something go viral. Retweeting is a way to share other users' tweets and is simple to do, but there are a few ways to do it.

You'll definitely want to figure out how X forwarding works and how automatic forwarding differs from manual forwarding. You should also check out Quote Repost, which allows you to add comments to shared posts.

Hashtags categorize tweets on X, making it easier for users to find posts based on specific topics (tagged by hashtags). When you use hashtags correctly, you can attract new followers and interactions.

You can find hashtags for new movies, political causes, news, and more. Check out the Search tab on X to see what's trending in your area, across the country, or around the world.

Depending on who your X followers are and where they are in the world, your best tweets may not be seen if you post when your followers aren't following their feeds.

You might want to try tweeting at different times of the day to see what gets the most interactions.

X is great for use on the regular web, but it also works better when used on a phone or tablet. You can take your mobile device with you and tweet about whatever you're doing or any thoughts that come to you at the moment.

If you're not impressed with the X mobile app or want to see what other apps are out there, you have other options. There are a number of third-party X clients available that you may prefer.

Tweets with photos will attract more engagement from your followers. This is because these tweets are hard to miss in people’s feeds. They attract immediate attention. This is especially true when tweeting GIFs, photos or images on mobile platforms.

Select the image icon in the Tweet editor to add up to four photos.

If you only connect with users who tweet occasionally, X may feel lonely. Joining an X chat or two can be a great way to:

  • Interact in real time with other like-minded users.
  • Find more people to follow.
  • Attract more followers.
  • Expand your network.

If you have a blog, use tools to automatically publish new blog posts when they are published. This saves you the time and effort of doing this manually. Use IFTTT to link your blog to your X account and automatically send new posts to your followers.

Speaking of X automation, there are various third-party social media management tools that can connect to your X account and allow you to manage it more efficiently. You can also write a tweet today and have it automatically scheduled to be posted tomorrow.