How the Galaxy Z Flip4 camera works

Anyone with a smartphone knows how difficult it can be to try to fit an entire group in for a selfie. Typically, you'll end up with an unintentional close-up of your own face and about two-fifths of your friends' faces, and sometimes their heads aren't even in the shot. Fortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, released on August 26, 2022, solves this common photo dilemma and many others.

I've been testing foldable smartphones for almost a month now, and it's no exaggeration to say that the upgraded cameras are the standout feature of the fourth-generation proposal. Thanks to its sensor that's 65% brighter than previous models, it shoots sharper videos and photos, giving multitaskers functionality (a dream!) and tons of flexibility so you can shoot from angles you didn't think were possible smart phone. If you thought there was only one way to take a selfie, prepare to be surprised. Here are my favorite camera features on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

How to use Quick Shot


Folding a device doesn't mean it's closed. In fact, when the phone is closed, you can take selfies, photos, and videos through the cover screen. Think about those times when you didn't log on to your phone fast enough to capture a celebrity, or the moment your nephew had spaghetti on his face.

To use the Quick Shot feature in the rear camera, press the power key twice and tap the screen to take a photo. Or, assuming your subject isn't quite ready, or you and your partner want to switch places before taking the selfie (you'll need to be on the favorable side), you can simply raise your hand - my favorite feature - —Then after a few seconds, your phone will automatically take a photo.

To choose between camera modes, after pressing the power key twice to access Quick Shot, swipe right to enter video, swipe left to enter portrait mode, or stay on photos.

How to change the ratio in quick shots

If you double-click on the cover screen, you can choose from fit to screen, widescreen, and ultrawide options. I stumbled upon this feature while taking a selfie with my hubby and I've been playing with it ever since.

How to use Flex mode in quick shots

With Flex mode, you can also access Quick Shot when your phone is half-open and resting on a surface, which can shoot at angles between 75° and 115° (more on that later). Simply double-click the power key, turn on the device on the surface, and place your hand on the overlay screen to take a photo or video.

How to use FlexCam

Galaxy Z Flip4 camera high angle shot

FlexCam lets you take photos (selfies, photos, portrait mode, videos, etc.) from almost any angle by folding and holding the phone in different ways, and for that you can once again thank Flex Mode.

You can use the front-facing camera to take high-angle shots by holding the phone halfway open and holding it up like a video camera, as shown in the image above. To take a top-down photo, open your phone, tilt it upward, and use the lower panel as a preview window. (After opening the camera app, you can switch panels by selecting the rightmost button (arrow)).

For ground shots, position your phone so it's basically in the right position, as shown in the image below, which uses selfie mode. If you're like me and hate holding your phone up to your face during video calls, you'll love this feature because you can place it on a surface instead of leaning it against a makeshift stand consisting of a cup and spoon .


I use this particular setup most often in selfie mode because you get a completely hands-free experience. Just place your phone on a surface and raise your hand - within three seconds the phone will take a photo.

It was a lifesaver recently when we hosted a party of 10 for my brother's birthday in a small, cramped restaurant. The waiter tried to take a photo of all of us but no matter where he stood he couldn't get a decent photo. Luckily, we noticed a small ledge above the table, so we placed the phone on the surface above us and angled it so that it was about halfway open in selfie mode. We took our seats at the table, raised our hands (you only need one, but my family wanted to have fun too), and smiled for the perfect photo. With endless options for holding and folding your phone, there's almost no excuse for not taking the photos you want—and having a lot of fun in the process.