Roblox is down...or is it just you?

If you can't connect to Roblox, the gaming platform may be down right now, or there may simply be a problem with your computer or browser. Sometimes it's hard to tell if Roblox is targeting everyone or just you, but here's how to tell if it's one or the other, and what to do if the problem is you.

If you're having issues making purchases, joining games, lag or delays, and think Roblox is down for everyone, some simple testing can confirm this. Try these steps to see if anyone else is having the same problem as you.

  1. Check the Roblox status page. This page is hosted by Roblox, so it should be up to date, but it may be slightly behind depending on how quickly users report outages (and when you notice outages).

  2. Search #RobloxDown in X (formerly Twitter), or check out the Roblox X page. Users often visit X before reporting a problem, so this is a good place to look when you want to confirm there's a problem with your service.

    If you can't open X or other popular websites (such as Facebook or YouTube), the problem may be with your ISP.

  3. Use third-party status checking sites such as Down For Each Or Just Me, DownDetector, Is It Down Right Now?, and Outage.Report.

    If no one else is reporting problems with Roblox, then the problem is most likely on your side.

If Roblox seems to be working fine for everyone but you, there are a few things you can try to make it work again.

Complete these steps in order until Roblox works again.

  1. Close and reopen the application. Sometimes just restarting the application is enough to make it work properly again. Make sure you close Android apps or quit iPhone apps the right way to close them completely before reopening them.

  2. Make sure Roblox is up to date. If you receive update notifications, be sure to complete them (if they don't complete automatically). If you are not sure whether Roblox is fully updated, log out of Roblox and open it in a web browser. This should automatically apply any new updates.

  3. If you are using Roblox on an external device rather than a web browser, please reinstall the app. Applications sometimes encounter problems, and reinstalling usually resolves them immediately.

    Download Roblox for:

  4. Restart your router or modem. If the problem you are experiencing is a network issue, restarting the network may resolve the issue.

  5. If you play Roblox in a browser, clear your browser's cache. You can clear the cache of all major web browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Doing this may resolve performance issues as it will delete data saved from other websites you have visited. You can also clear the cache on Android and clear the cache on an iPhone or iPad, which works in much the same way as clearing a browser's cache.

  6. Clear your browser cookies. If clearing your cache doesn't work, clear cookies, which are small files that contain information about you, such as advertising preferences or personalization settings.

  7. Check your computer for malware. Many types of malware can interfere with resource-intensive programs, such as Roblox. It's also possible that you have a virus infection on your Android smartphone, and while this is rare, iPhones can be vulnerable to security risks.

  8. Disable firewall. Remember to re-enable it later. Sometimes, firewalls can cause software conflicts that interfere with your game. Remember to back up your firewall as soon as possible, as it only takes a determined hacker a few seconds to find a computer connected to the internet without a firewall enabled.

  9. Restart your computer or mobile device. Restarting your computer seems to solve a lot of problems, so a simple restart may solve your problem.

  10. Sometimes, there may be a problem with your DNS server. If you feel comfortable switching DNS servers, there are many free and public methods, but they may require more advanced knowledge.

Roblox can experience heavy usage and sometimes experience glitches or difficulty connecting players due to too many people trying to access the Roblox servers at the same time. Here are some error messages you may encounter:

  • Roblox is down for maintenance : You will encounter this message when the server is offline for any kind of maintenance.
  • Roblox Error Code 260, 261, 274, or 275 : These are various server errors that may indicate that the server is down due to maintenance or other issues. After the server returns to normal, you can enter the game again.
  • Error code 273 : This error may mean that you are logged into your account from multiple devices, there is a problem with your connection, or you have been warned or banned for bad behavior. If you encounter this error, you may not be able to return.
  • Roblox Error Code 404 : Error code 404 means that the page you are trying to access has been removed or has been blocked. You may not be able to access this page in the future.
  • Roblox Error Code 500 : This error indicates a problem with the server, not your system or network. Give Roblox some time to resolve the error and try again.
  • Roblox Error Code 504 : This error means there is a connection issue, the server is undergoing maintenance, or it is temporarily down. You have to wait until this round is over.