Your Ultimate Spring Shopping Guide

By now you're used to those picky beats the transition season throws at you, wearing a down jacket one day and a denim jacket the next. This back and forth continues until—bang! -- Warm weather is officially on the table for the foreseeable future. Suddenly, you forget what it feels like to be frozen every time you step outside. When the noticeable seasonal change finally arrives, you can quickly raise the temperature from zero (hibernation) to 100 (outdoor margaritas). To do this, you may want to stock up on some spring essentials.

You know what that means: now's prime time to break out your lighter moisturizer, cropped pants, picnic blanket, and outdoor running shoes while you ditch those bulky layers. Sure, you probably already have these things, but you can also go on a nice shopping trip.

Bustle's editors give you a roundup of spring's hottest, most noteworthy products so you can make the most of everyone's favorite season. Think: pop culture-themed accessories perfect for hanging out; brighter makeup; breezy midi dresses; workout gear that'll make you want to sweat; and technological innovations that will boost your productivity. Consider this your spring starter pack.

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No one wants to undergo a 12-step beauty routine when the weather finally turns nice outside. That's where multi-purpose skin and makeup products come in: From antioxidant-added foundation to a go-to makeup stick, check out these beauty essentials that'll give you that glow in a pinch so you can hit the road.

Skin reset in a bottle:

Facial Basic Mist S'Eau Prima

You'll hear more about hypochlorous acid in skin care, which is the main ingredient in this refreshing facial mist. This popular ingredient is getting attention because it's antibacterial (and therefore helps fight acne), but it's also gentle, so all skin types can benefit from it. When your face needs soothing and antiseptic TLC, give yourself a spritz of this pH-balancing elixir.

Luxurious Sunscreen:

Tatcha Sephora Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ Sephora

Once you use this sunscreen, you'll never want to use any other sunscreen again. That's it. Even the most dedicated SPF users know that finding such high levels of protection (especially mineral-based protection) means you usually have to sacrifice how seamlessly the product adheres to the skin, but that's not the case with this product . Tatcha created a physical SPF 50 product that blends into your skin like an invisible shield without ruining your makeup. The pearly and moist makeup is the icing on the cake.

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Your MVP Makeup Products:

Desert Island DuoDibs Beauty

Dibs' Desert Island Duo is aptly named: If you were stranded on a deserted island, this two-ended stick would be just what you need to look sun-kissed. With blush on one end and bronzer/contour on the other; you have eight shade combinations to choose from, from subtle, soft blushes to bright pops of color. But the standout element is its formula - incredibly creamy and blendable, it's made with jojoba and shea butters that melt into the skin on contact. Simply swipe onto cheeks, lips, eyes and jawline, then tap in with your fingers or brush. Faking a healthy blush has never been easier, or more travel-friendly.

For your limbs’ seasonal debut:

Kate Somerville Exfoliating Rejuvenating Body Scrub Sephora

If you're looking for a product that will transform dry, scaly winter skin into the silky smoothness of your dreams, look no further. Kate Somerville has created a body scrub version of her popular Exfolikate exfoliant, turning your shower into a spa in the process. This 3-in-1 body treatment is a scrub, exfoliator, and mask, using tough (but not harsh) pumice stone to slough away dead skin cells, plus papain, pineapple, and pumpkin enzymes for a gentle chemical exfoliation. horny. result? Buttery, baby-soft skin.

A foundation that does more:

Kosas Revealer Skin Improving Foundation SPF25 Sephora

Once the temperatures warm up, you tend to want to apply less product to your skin. You know, because...sweat. That's okay: Kosas has concocted a foundation-sunscreen-skin care product all in one bottle that happens to provide gorgeous, natural-looking coverage.

Your Skin Barrier Protection Hero:

EADEM Cloud Cushion Plush Moisturizing Cream Sephora

As you spend more time outdoors, protecting your skin becomes increasingly important. Eadem's Cloud Cushion contains a barrier-enhancing blend of peptides, ceramides and snow mushrooms to provide a (moisturizing) barrier to your complexion so you can enjoy the park without sacrificing your skin's health.

Lip gloss that won’t melt:

Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede Cozy Lip CremeSephora

There's no better way to easily re-wear colorful lipstick, but you don't have to go super bright right away. Available in 12 neutral shades (from light pink brown to rich chocolate brown), the pigments in these lip glosses cling to your lips, eliminating the chance of makeup failure.

Some people live for fashion. They're the ones who are always telling their friends about next season's hottest trends, texting in group chats about sample sales, and DMing you about celebrity outfits worth keeping an eye on—they're also the ones who look forward to spring year-round. After all, this is the season where you can basically dress like summer without breaking a sweat. So go ahead and add joy to your wardrobe with the must-have pieces below.

Classic White Midi Dress:

Endless Summer Kalina Midi (Sizes XS-XL)Free People (Sizes XS-XL)

Every spring, like clockwork, I invest in a new white midi dress. Why? Because it took me 365 days to wear out the previous version. A simple white dress is a blank canvas on which any type of outfit can be painted. With a simple change of accessories, adding a jacket or layering a crop top, your LWD can truly do it all. Look for strong silhouettes and subtle details like cutouts, gathers, and puff sleeves to make your current style feel...well, pop.

Modern (but still timeless) framework:

Cali sunglasses are a dime a dozen.

From Audrey Hepburn to Meghan Markle, everyone has worn a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses at some point. The elegant design continues to be popular, but for spring 2022, it's been reinvented in a sleek, statement style. Shop for chunky pieces for a touch of Old Hollywood glamor, but with a little extra drama .

Bright mini bag:

Brandon Blackwood Mini Kuei Shearling Crossbody Bag Saks Fifth Avenue

A colorful micro bag will add interest to even the most low-key outfits (think: mom jeans and sweatshirts). Featuring spring-friendly colors and a cozy sherpa texture, this compact (but surprisingly roomy) accessory will elevate your looks this season and beyond.

A stylish pair of clogs:

Fireplace Chain BlackAlohas (Sizes 35 – 42)

The "ugly" shoes you had when you were young have just been reshaped and they look much cuter . The slip-on clog from its early days has been reintroduced, blending comfort and style with on-trend details. Shop shearlings, platforms and chain pumps for the perfect editor-approved look.

These stylish pants:

Wilfred casual pants Aritzia (sizes 00-16)

Everyone should have a pair of clean pleated pants in their wardrobe—that’s a given. Now, however, fashion stars are moving beyond ultra-cut pipe styles and toward looser, more versatile legs. This version looks equally professional with a blazer, but it can also be worn with sneakers and a cropped hoodie.

Statement chain:

XX. Thick Horsebit Chain and Carabiner Clasp Necklace Regalrose

In recent weeks, large silver chains have become the only accessory around the necks of A-list fashion stars like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Millie Bobby Brown and more. Give your gold pile a much-needed break by switching to edgier metal—if only for the season.

Just as spring refreshes your wardrobe, your desk/gym bag/purse needs new gadgets. True techies will appreciate the innovations below—from self-cleaning water bottles to sleep-tracking smart rings, these are the tech must-haves for a more motivated and productive spring.

This ultra-hygienic water bottle:

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Affordable smartphone:

iPhone SEApple

If you can't remember the last time you upgraded your phone, consider Apple's latest iPhone SE, launched in March. As the smallest iPhone model, its updated camera will give you the same high-quality, form-fitting photos as the larger phone without paying a higher price tag.

Power banks as interesting as you are:

Mipow 20W mobile power supply Mipow

If your summer plans include being away from home from dawn to dusk (or vice versa), you're going to need some backup batteries. This nostalgic power bank can charge your phone up to 50% in just 20 minutes, for example when you're taking an Uber to your next destination.

All lights:

Daybetter Led Light Strip 100 ft. (2 50 ft. rolls)

Astrology relationship advice:

Co-Star Eros Subscription (Weekly) Co-Star

Need to refresh the relationship? Let the stars help you. Millennials' favorite horoscope app recently launched a compatibility feature that will provide astrological analysis of the challenges you and your partner are facing, and how to deal with them together.

One ring rules them all:

Oura ring 3rd generation Oura

This chic smart ring can track everything from your heart rate to the quality of your sleep to when your period starts (in beta). With a lower profile than a smartwatch, Oura helps you understand your health from the inside out.

There will be different occasions throughout the year that require a reset. But this spring is your best chance to spice up your workout routine. Whether you're new to fitness or you've never wanted to use the treadmill again, the world of wellness is currently filled with supplements, technology, apps, and devices that can allow your sweat sessions and self-care practices to truly blossom.

Put some pep in your step:

Execute KitBody completed

Anyone who says they are always excited and ready to work out is lying. It's normal to feel unhappy about going to the gym, which is why investing in a pre-workout powder might be a smart move. This product from Body Complete contains L-citrulline and beta-alanine (two amino acids found in the body that increase blood flow and aid your physical performance) as well as brain-balancing nootropics. Final Results? You're more likely to kill HIIT exercises.

Your mindfulness trainer:

Hyperice Core Advanced Smart Meditation Trainer Best Buy

Okay, but this spring, you really need to start meditating. Refocus your mind and breath with a meditation practice you want to stick to with the Hyperice Core device. It's basically a fitness coach, but for mindfulness: you get guided meditations, breathing exercises, and immersive soundscapes to help you find your Zen, all in one easy-to-use gadget.

Walking on the clouds:

Blissfeel Women's Running Shoes Lululemon

Your favorite leggings brand now makes running shoes. Once you slip on these bad boys—they have foam cushioning, neutral support, and a sweat-wicking lining—your happy feet will want to splash around town (or walk, run, or jump).

Earplugs to take with you:

FWD-02 sports earplugs adidas

If spring means starting a new fitness routine, treat yourself to a new pair of headphones. The second generation of adidas' wireless sports headphones are ergonomically designed for movement, so they stay put while you do burpees or TikTok ab challenges. As an added bonus? They're sweatproof and waterproof, so they can withstand the rigors of training camp.

To facilitate your recovery plan:

PowerDot 2.0 Dual Body Therapy

Even if you stretch and foam roll diligently, you can still deal with pesky body aches. Whether it's tight hips, sore quads, period pain, or a creaky lower back, electrical stimulation (which you can get with the easy-to-use Therabody PowerDot) can relieve pain. At first glance, it looks complicated (chiropractors use professional-grade E-stim), but the device pairs with an app that guides you through the appropriate course of treatment for your body problem. Get ready for more advanced recovery games.

Your dedicated fitness coach:

1 year membership future

In the past, working out with a personal trainer was something you could only see celebrities doing on VH1's It's a Wonderful Life series. Times have changed: The Future fitness platform gives you one-on-one training with a fitness expert, including customized workout plans, a loaner Apple Watch for easy tracking, and guided workout classes for just $150 per month, all available to you Mobile phone... No A-list status required.

Everyone has that person in their life - someone who is never satisfied with any old product, no matter how good or well-received it is. For them, value does not come from the object itself; It’s about the connection, no matter how superfluous, between objects and the objects of their obsession. People who love pop culture—really , really love pop culture—are powerless against the lure of celebrity endorsements, TV show tie-ins, vague movie associations. They long to embody their sense of belonging within themselves and cherish the physical manifestations of their favorite digital media. Bustle has curated a list of coveted items for these silly little monsters. Keep going and cringe.

Wrap yourself in independent credibility:

Blue wide screen beach towel A24

At first glance, this towel looks ordinary. Like, maybe your grandma had a rat version of these towels hidden at the bottom of a pile of half-stained, half-folded linens. But look closely and you'll see: this is no ordinary towel. This is a towel for movie buffs and people who love movies. (Maybe your grandma was too, you know, if she was cool.)

An ideal bucket hat:

Nora Ephron bucket hat super hot

Sleepless in Seattle . Julie and Julia . You have a letter . When Harry Met Sally . Are you saying you don't actually want to be in these movies? Not just in a movie , but actually being a movie ? Traveling the world as a physical, mobile manifestation of romantic comedy at its peak? Well, that's your loss.

Treat yourself to a hot dog summer:

Hot Dog Hoodie Megan Thee Stallion

Everyone wants to have a hot dog summer, but few address the truly pressing question: Will your dog have a hot dog summer? Does your puppy spend sunny days wandering around the park, picking up things, playing, and maybe even cuddling with another dog in the hot summer months? In order to realize this idyllic fantasy, this Hieronymus Bosch-esque fever dream, the key is that you start planning now for your dog's hot summer—starting by donning this hoodie.

A T-shirt that tells its essence:

Cassie Howard T-shirt Etsy

I tell you, I have never been so happy. However, you don't seem to believe me. Maybe it's me, Euphoria 's Cassie Howard, rocking the boat with tear-stained makeup and swollen eyes right now, but I just don't think you'll believe it when I tell you the truth: I never, ever, Happier.

Makeup fit for a duchess:

Divine Blush + Glow Trio: Love at First Sight Pat McGrath

"Marriage Market" and dancing to orchestral pop songs may not be part of your reality, but this Bridgerton- inspired blush palette certainly is. If you're honest with yourself, you'll realize that makeup and gowns were the only interesting parts of Regency society - take the good stuff and let them keep the dowry and obsession with chastity.

The history of your favorite genre:

From Hollywood with Love: The Rise, Fall (and Rise Again) of the Romantic Comedy by Scott Meslow

Angst-filled accessories:

Olivia Rodrigo x CASETiFY Broken Butterfly Box CASETiFY

No matter how old they are, everyone carries a little bit of their teenage self deep inside them—hence why older Millennials, Gen Z kids, and even some Baby Boomers all relate to Olivia Rodrigo Rodrigo's pop-punk style resonated. Embrace your inner anxious teen with this pre-cracked phone case that helps you seem irresponsible but actually be responsible.