Here’s How to Use Text-to-Speech and Text-to-Speech Features Voice Effects on Instagram Reels

You still don't have the guts to leave a voicemail on your best friend's answering machine, so your chances of using your own voice to narrate the video on social media are non-existent. But if TikTok has shown us anything, it's that story time can sometimes be more impactful when a cheeky automated voice narrates the story. Reels users may benefit greatly from the new text-to-speech and voice effects updates on Instagram Reels rolling out on November 12th.

The text-to-speech feature allows you to use an automated voice to share subtitles on your behalf without having to open your mouth. Instagram Reels’ new voice effects option brings your own recordings to life, masking your voice and replacing it with special effects to make it more interesting.

Here's how to spice up your reels with animated voiceovers that don't require you to overcome stage fright.

How to use text-to-speech on Instagram Reels

Start the reels as normal. Click the "Scrolls" icon in the center of the menu bar below, then click the camera button in the upper right corner. Record a video or upload a video from your camera roll. Click the Text tool and enter what you want the Voiceover tool to say. Click "Done," then click the three little dots on the text bubble to open the two voice options. Tape was applied to seal the deal.

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Aside from not wanting to hear or have your voice immortalized, this feature allows you to tell a story quickly and discretely. If you're in an environment that doesn't allow you to record sound clearly, relying on this automation feature takes the stress out of recording perfect audio.

How to use Instagram Reels voice effects

You were brave enough to record yourself, but the playback makes you cringe. To mask your serious attempts to speak directly to your followers in a more entertaining way, tap the note to turn on the audio controls after shooting or uploading your video. From there, you'll be able to choose from Helium, Giant, Singer, Announcer and Robot effects - which you can test in preview mode. Click Done to share.

Why are there no text-to-speech or voice effects on my reels?

If you can't find any of these features, don't worry. According to Instagram, the rollout of text-to-speech or voice effects on Reels is underway. While the feature launched on November 12, Instagram didn't immediately make the update available to everyone. Make sure you are using the latest version of the app (if not, download it). To see if you're getting text-to-speech or speech effects on Reels, just follow the instructions above to continue trying them. Otherwise, be patient and know that your story time is coming soon.