You can pre-order the Pixel 8a now

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Google's annual budget phone update has arrived, and this time it makes the Pixel 8 even more affordable. Today, the company announced the Pixel 8a, which has nearly all the features included in the standard Pixel 8 but at a discount.

Like past Pixel a-series phones, the Pixel 8a can almost be considered a peer-to-peer 8 replacement. It comes with the same Tensor G3 processor as the Pixel 8/8 Pro, a similar 6.1-inch 120Hz "Actua" display (versus the regular Pixel 8's 6.2-inch) and a multi-megapixel camera system, although it might Will suffer from a weaker sensor. The 8a also gets Google Gemini Nano support via a post-launch feature drop - Google initially said the Pixel 8 wouldn't support the feature before it was released .

Pixel 8a 128GB comes with $100 Amazon gift card

It also shares two additional color options introduced with the 8. Buyers can purchase the phone in Aloe (lime green) or Gulf (light blue), rather than being limited to Porcelain (white) or Obsidian (black).

Like Google's mainline phones, the Pixel 8a has seven years of security, operating system, and feature-dropping updates. It's important to note that you won't lose any Pixel-exclusive features , aside from those reserved for the Pro. Pixel 8a comes with many AI features out of the box, including Best Shot, Magic Editor, Audio Magic Eraser, Call Assist, Live Translation, Circle Search, and more.

The biggest sacrifice on the lower-priced model is a slight loss in durability, but even in relative terms, that's negligible. The Pixel 7a is rated IP67, which means it can survive about 3.3 feet of water and dust for up to 30 minutes. The 8 and 8 Pro are IP68 rated, which means they can be submerged a little deeper and for a little longer.

Beyond that, the Pixel 8a largely represents lateral movement and price cuts. The camera is the biggest change compared to the regular Pixel 8, as the new device shares the Pixel 7a's camera setup, which is actually slightly better on paper. The rear camera of the 8a is 64MP main wide-angle/12MP ultra-wide-angle, and the front camera is 13MP. In comparison, the regular Pixel 8 has a 50MP rear main wide-angle, a 12MP ultra-wide angle, and a 10.5MP front-facing camera. However, the Pixel 8's camera may be a better choice for some due to improvements in light sensing and pixel size. Some qualities, such as color temperature, depend on the viewer's eyes.

The Pixel 8a starts at $499 for the 128GB version, while the regular Pixel 8 starts at $699. For the first time, the Pixel 8a can be upgraded to 256GB of storage for $559.

Pre-orders now available.

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