How to set up flash notifications on your phone

what to know

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Video > LED Flash Alerts . Click the toggle switch.
  • Android: Go to Settings > Accessibility > Flash Notifications . Click the camera flash switch.
  • If your phone doesn't include this option, apps like Flash Alerts 2 and Flash notification 2 are great alternatives.

This article explains how to make your iPhone or Android flash its camera when there's a notification, such as an alarm or an incoming phone call. We also provide a list of third-party applications that perform the same functionality.

Setting up iPhone notification light is very easy. This option is found in the Settings app. You need to do the following:

  1. Click Settings > Accessibility .

    In older iOS versions, you'll need to tap General before you can find Accessibility settings.

  2. Scroll down and click Audio/Video . If you don't see the message, just click "LED Flash Alert."

  3. Select the Alert LED Flash at the bottom.

    Depending on your iOS version, you may not see this menu. If so, skip this step.

  4. Flip the alarm LED flash switch to turn it on. This will enable the notification light for all alerts.

    If you want this light to be enabled even when your phone is in silent mode, you can also turn on the "Flash on Silent Mode" switch (called "Flash on Silent" in older iOS versions).

Enabling Flash notifications on your Android phone is just as easy as it is on your iPhone. Assuming your phone supports this feature, it should be located in the Accessibility area of ​​the Settings app. Here's how to get there:

Because Android varies depending on the company that makes the smartphone, and there are differences between different Android versions, these instructions won't apply to all phones. In some cases, you will use different menus to perform similar steps. In other cases, your phone may not have built-in support for Flash notifications.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Click Accessibility .

  3. Click on the flash notification . On some phones, you'll need to go to Advanced Settings > Flash Notifications , or Hearing > Flash Notifications .

  4. Tap the switch next to the camera flash (called camera flash notification or camera light on some devices).

Support for this feature depends on the manufacturer, so not all Android phones offer flash notifications. If you can't find the Camera Flash Alert option in your Android device's Settings app, you should be able to download an app to add the feature to your phone. Some examples include Flash Alerts 2 and Flash notification 2.

  • If your phone isn't ringing, check to see if Airplane Mode, Silent, or Do Not Disturb are turned on. If your device is connected to a Bluetooth headset, you may not hear the ringtone.

  • To fix notifications on Android, make sure you haven't turned off apps and system notifications, then clear the app cache and turn off battery saver mode. To manage push notifications on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Show Previews or select an individual app.

  • To stop all devices from ringing when you receive a call on your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other Devices and turn off Allow Calls on Other Devices .