Here are the best free apps to manage your MacBook battery

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Your MacBook has features built into it to ensure the health of your battery remains intact. It automatically shuts down the laptop if it gets too hot, as higher temperatures shorten battery life and performance. When the battery is at 80%, it will also slow down charging if it determines you don't need a full charge. While these features are good enough for most people, there are battery management apps that can give you more control over your MacBook's battery health.

Battery Toolkit is the best free app I've found for managing your MacBook battery. It lets you keep your MacBook's battery percentage between two predefined values, lets you stop charging your MacBook even when connected to a power source, and even lets you force your MacBook to charge to 100%. Some of these features require you to pay for other battery management apps, such as AlDente.

The battery management app is best for those who like to keep their MacBook plugged in at all times. Many people use their MacBook with the lid closed and the laptop connected to a monitor, external keyboard, and mouse. In these cases, it's a bit troublesome to repeatedly plug and unplug your Mac to prevent overcharging. Why put in so much effort when an app can manage the battery for you?

Install Battery Kit on MacBook

First, download the Battery Toolkit from its GitHub page. Your Mac may be blocking you from installing the app because it's not from a reputable developer, but it's safe to use. Go to System Settings > Privacy & Security and click Open Anyway to install.

Set up apps for optimal battery management

Once the application is running, set it up in a way that works for you. Click the Battery Toolkit icon in the top menu bar and select Settings . Go to the "Power" tab and set the minimum and maximum percentage values. This way, your MacBook will start charging when it reaches the minimum value and stop charging when it reaches the maximum value. I've kept my MacBook between 30% and 80%, but you can choose what works best for your use. Click OK when finished.

Note that the app does not allow you to drop the minimum percentage below 20%, and the maximum charge is capped at 50%. This is to prevent damage to the battery.

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Explore additional features

After the initial setup is complete, the Battery Toolkit will run in the background and perform the actions you request. You can keep your MacBook plugged in all the time and the app will make sure its battery power stays within predefined thresholds. But sometimes you need to change things up, and this app lets you do that, too. You can view these features by clicking the Battery Toolkit's menu bar icon.

You can turn on "Disable Power Adapter" to temporarily stop your MacBook from charging when plugged in. You should also know about the following two options:

  • Request full charge

  • Request to charge to maximum

The options can be confusing because of the way they are worded, but they are easy to understand. Full Charge will force your MacBook to charge to 100%, and you should use this method when you know you will be away from the power adapter for an extended period of time. Charge to Max will charge the laptop up to the limit you specify in the app.

You can also temporarily disable all settings of the Battery Toolkit by clicking its menu bar icon and selecting Exit Battery Toolkit .