Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC takes place in a ravaged Los Angeles

It's been over a year since the release of Horizon: Forbidden West , and players continue to fight their way through a post-apocalyptic landscape as Aloy with the help of allies. By the end of the game, Aloy faces another threat to humanity - a corrupt artificial intelligence known as Nemesis, created by Far Zenith and the sequel's main antagonist. Aloy instructs her allies to split up and find help to defeat the latest enemy, while she heads to the Burning Coast to carry out her own mission. This brand new area is the theme of the upcoming Forbidden West expansion, where players will explore ravaged Los Angeles. Here's everything we know so far about Horizon Forbidden West: The Burning Shore , including when you can play the game.

Burning Coast plot

Unlike the DLC expansion "The Frozen Wilds" of "Horizon: Zero Dawn ", the story of "The Burning Coast" takes place after the Forbidden West incident. Known as the Burning Coast, this new area lies south of the Tenax clan's territory and is presumably named after the volcanic archipelago that was engulfed in Los Angeles. Towering over this "overgrown, shattered city" is Horus, a massive machine known as the Metal Daemon, built to replicate machines and a fully functional fighter in its own right device. This will be the first time in the series that Aloy has faced off against Horus, as they have only been scattered around the world in the form of defeated relics. If she could somehow outrun the machine, it would prove to be a powerful weapon against Nemesis.

Do you need to play Forbidden West to understand Burning Coast ?

Sony Interactive Entertainment/Guerrilla Games

Since it's confirmed to take place after the events of Forbidden West , you'll need to have played through the main storyline to understand the expansion. It's also possible for the expansion to be locked until the ending is reached, which can be easily accomplished by focusing on the main story missions. While there are dozens of side quests in Forbidden West that broaden the storyline, it's best to skip them for now and complete the main story to reach the Burning Shore.

It's possible that Burning Shores will follow the same trajectory as Frozen Wilds , in that you have to leave the starting area before you can freely traverse the map. But since Burning Shores takes place after Aloy and her allies face Nemesis, it's wise to play through the main mission before playing the DLC.

Burning Shore trailer

The trailer doesn't reveal much about the story, and Aloy doesn't say much about why she's there. But it does give us a clear look at the opponent she's up against - the giant, ominous metallic demon that occupies the top of the Hollywood sign. The trailer shows Los Angeles being heavily damaged by a post-apocalyptic landscape, likely due to deep earthquakes tearing the land apart and lava flowing between cracks in the earth.

Burning Coast release date

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Coast will be available exclusively on PS5 on April 19th. Unlike the main game, PS4 players will not have the opportunity to experience the DLC. Guerilla Games said in a statement that the "difficult decision" was made to "technically and creatively realize this ambitious vision" and "focus all of our efforts to build incredible games specifically for the PlayStation 5 console." experience.