How to use the Spotify plug-in Festify

No matter how candid your photo dumps and stories are, there's no way you can show your fans that you truly enjoy sharing your musical tastes on social media. Just as Spotify's friend activity bar often exposes our guilty pleasures while listening, Spotify's many plugins often reveal a side of us on social media that we've never seen before. Maybe your Spotify Wrapped confirmed that your 2021 was brutal, as Olivia Rodrigo's breakup single swept your top five. Or maybe your astrological affinities confirm you're a Taurus through and through. Living for the holidays? Now, with the Spotify plug-in Festify, you can show your followers your taste, like the Coachella lineup.

Festify leverages the listening activity from your Spotify profile to create a shareable poster showing what a festival would look like with a lineup of your top artists. The platform also offers the option to showcase top artists from the past month, six months, or all time.

With summer quickly approaching, there's no better way to hint at which festivals you'll be playing than by revealing your personal playlist headliners. Plus, what better way to show that all your favorites are part of the same festival lineup than by printing one of Festify's vision board-style posters?

If you're ready to find out if your personal music festival is worth attending, here's how to use Festivy.

How to use festivals

To create your own Festify poster, visit the Festify website and log in with Spotify. Once logged in, you can choose whether you want your Festify poster to reflect your listening activity over the past month, the past six months, or all time.

Screenshot from Festify.

Once you select a time interval, Festify will show you a dream lineup poster of top artists. The poster displays your artists in descending order based on listening activity. So your top artists will appear as "Headlines" at the top in large font, while less listened to artists will appear as supporting characters in smaller font.

Screenshot from Festify.

If you're confused as to why Phoebe Bridgers' festival is titled "Volcanojam," the name doesn't represent your type of listening activity. Instead, the festival titles reflect the time interval you selected, with "Volcanojam" being your last month of listening, "Forestfest" being your last six months, and "Unholy Space" showing you all the time favorite. There's no explanation of the meaning behind these festival names on the Festify website, but judging by the rather ridiculous names of past festivals (see: Fyre Festival), we wouldn't question it.

Once you find the poster that best reflects your dream lineup, you can share it on social media. If you are on a desktop device, there will be an option to download the poster below each photo. On your phone, you have to take a screenshot of the poster. Next, post it wherever you like and be prepared to have confused followers asking DMs where this completely morbid festival is being held. Coachella has nothing to do with you.