My favorite Amazon deal of the day: Soundcore A10 Sleep Earbuds

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It's nice to fall asleep without the distractions of street noise, and maybe listen to some relaxing music or white noise to keep things from getting too quiet. It would be even better if you could do this while traveling or sleeping with a partner who has different sleeping preferences. That's what the Soundcore A10 Sleep Buds are designed to do, and they're currently selling for $88 (originally $169.99) after a 48% discount on Amazon, their lowest price in the past four months, according to Price Tracker .

But there are a few things to note, so read on before adding them to your cart.

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The Sleep A10 are smaller than regular earbuds and are designed not to stick out of the ear or cause pressure on side sleepers. They also block outside noise like earbuds, but don't have any active noise cancellation (ANC) technology.

The Sleep A10 has two modes: "Sleep" and "Music." Sleep mode will try its best to detect when you fall asleep and lower audio volume to save battery life. While in sleep mode, you have to play bedtime sounds (such as white noise and pink noise) from Soundcore's app, which also features sleep tracking. In music mode, you can stream from other music services like Spotify like regular earbuds, but it doesn't automatically lower the volume.

The biggest drawback of these headphones is the battery life. The mode you choose is key here, as the battery may not last a full night's sleep depending on which mode you're in. In sleep mode, you get about 10 hours at 50% volume. This means people who need constant music or white noise to fall asleep may have difficulty, while those who just need help falling asleep will be covered.

Additionally, the Soundcore Sleep A10 headphones may be on sale as Soundcore prepares to release the Sleep A20s, a newer model that you can purchase as an early bird on Kickstarter for $89.99 (originally $149.99) Special offer. So if you want to have the latest and greatest version, you'd better order the A20.