MediaTek’s new Dimensity 9300 chip can boost smartphone artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days, and new chips designed specifically for AI will enhance its capabilities.

By leveraging the full potential of artificial intelligence, your Android phone can become even smarter.

MediaTek has just released its Dimensity 9300 mobile chip for Android devices, which features on-chip artificial intelligence processing technology. The company said the APU 790 AI processor integrated into the chip will enable faster and more efficient on-device generative AI processing.

According to media reports, MediaTek claims that APU 790 processor technology can reduce the power consumption of generative AI processing by 45%, process AI requests 8 times faster than the previous generation chip, and "generate images in one second using stable diffusion" released .

The chip will support a variety of large-scale language models, including Meta's Llma 2, Baichuan 2, Baidu AI LLM, etc., allowing users to more effectively utilize AI experiences in music, images and text.

In addition to the AI ​​support provided by the APU 790 processor, the Dimensity 9300 chip also contains the Arm Immortalis G720 GPU, which the company says will increase GPU performance by 46% and reduce GPU power consumption by 40% without reducing performance. Quality of performance. The result, MediaTek says, is that the Dimesity 9300 "will deliver console-level global illumination effects at a smooth 60 FPS. Additionally, this powerful chipset allows users to multitask seamlessly so that they can play games and stream videos at the same time , or watch another video while they play.”

MediaTek also promises faster display speeds, seamless 5G connectivity, and faster memory for the Dimensity 9300, which will be available in Samsung, OnePlus, and Nokia devices, among other brands and devices.