Why do parents always text like this?

No one knows how to compose text like your parents. Between the blunt advice, over-the-top storytelling, and overuse of punctuation, your parents' texts are basically a comedy gold mine. So it's no wonder why the new TikTok trend of posting your text conversations with your parents is both healthy and hilarious.

Stumbling on a funny text from your mom or dad is nothing new, but it does make for great TikTok content. It's unclear who is responsible for starting the recent parent text screenshot trend, but one of the earliest instances of this specific format comes from @reese.lambert13, when the creator posted a photo slideshow on March 19 that featured side-by-side Screenshots of two photos. The first photo is a tweet posted by Twitter user @lonnieshashanay on January 26 that reads "Sometimes all you need is your dad." The second photo is a screenshot of a text conversation in which the creator wishes her father a happy birthday, to which he simply replies, "Okay." It's simple, to the point, yet inexplicably funny, like most people with The same conversations parents have.

This humor trend doesn't have a name or hashtag to go with it, so searching for it on the app can be difficult. However, most people participating in the screenshot slideshow trend add a clip of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus singing "Butterflies Away" from Hannah Montana: The Movie to further the nostalgia Feelings. That being said, the song appears on the app as an "Original Song" by an unknown artist, which also makes it not easy to find.


Whether you want to see how your parents' craziest texts compare to other texts, or you just want to laugh, check out these hysterical text conversations between TikTok users and their parents.

This exchange between @elizabethkatherine1 and her dad is the epitome of the classic dad text.

TikTok/Elizabeth Catherine 1

This may not be the response @emma.williams13 is looking for.


Would this really be a roundup of dad texts if there weren’t any dad jokes in it? TikTok user @georgiegrieve shared a recent text message prank from her dad that's worth at least a laugh.


@Maayyyy444’s dad is probably McDonald’s biggest supporter.


The trend has also inspired dozens of spin-offs, including screenshots from moms, brothers, sisters, and even co-workers and most delusional friends.

Anyone who has a brother knows that the conversations between @kristin.mixon and her brother are so real.


@Ninavanv and her sister seem to have an ~interesting~ relationship.


Looks like @yingcay1 taught her mom the word "kill" but she doesn't know how to use it.


No one knows how to drag you better than your mom — just ask @ssaldog.


Another one for moms brought to you by @iliketastypasta.


Hopefully these viral TikTok screenshots will make you laugh, and maybe they'll even inspire you to text your parents.