How to create a thread account and start posting on a thread account

It’s not every day that we get a new social media platform. 2022 saw the BeReal craze, we saw TikTok peak in 2020, and a few years before that, Vine was just a video app with 6 seconds of content and dreams. Well, a brand new social media platform has just entered the chat world: Threads. This text-based public conversation app launched on the App Store on July 5 and topped the free app charts just one day later. Believe it or not, this app designed to replace Twitter actually comes from Instagram. Although it's still in its infancy, it's not a bad idea to learn about this new platform. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about the new Threads app before joining so you can start posting like a pro.

If you've noticed Twitter's recent energy for signing yearbooks on the last day of school, you're not alone. Twitter has been riddled with problems since Elon Musk acquired the site in October 2022, but after the launch of Threads appeared to trigger a massive exodus of users on Twitter, users appear to be leaving Birds for good Circle of applications. Much like Twitter, Threads allows users to share their thoughts, memes, and opinions through text-based posts that can contain up to 500 characters and can also include photos, videos, and links.

But there's a catch - in order to use Threads, you have to be logged in with an Instagram account. This isn't entirely a bad thing, as users can only view your Threads activity through the Threads app, not through IG (unless you share your posts there). That being said, users have discovered that it's impossible to delete a Threads account without deleting the accompanying Instagram account, so if you don't like the app, it's best to avoid it for now.

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There's always a learning curve when figuring out how to use a new platform, and Threads is no exception. From creating an account to writing topics, here's what you need to know about Instagram's new Twitter competitor.

How to use threaded applications

When you create an account on Threads, your IG username and verification are retained, so you don't have to worry about protecting your usual account. However, you can customize your profile specifically for your Threads account by changing your profile picture and bio to keep your page fresh. Once you join, you can choose to follow the same accounts as you do on Insta, as well as find users with the same interests as you via the Page.

You won't be able to view any Instagram posts on the Threads feed, but you can access a user's IG account by navigating to their profile through the new app and tapping the camera icon in the upper right corner.

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To start a thread, click the pen and notepad icon and start typing. You can also attach photos and videos of up to five minutes by clicking the paperclip icon. When you're ready to publish, click the "Publish" button on the right side of the page. Similar to Twitter, you can like a post by clicking the heart icon, comment via the speech bubble, and repost using the double arrows. To read replies to a topic, click the number of replies below the post.

You can access your topic feed by clicking on the house icon in the lower left corner, which will contain a combination of people you follow and suggested creators. There are also Mentions, Replies, and Verified tabs, where you can see who has tagged or replied to you in a post, and track any interactions with verified users. You can access these tabs from the Activity page by clicking the heart icon at the bottom. According to a Threads blog post on Instagram's website, verification on IG will carry over to the new platform, although there's no explanation of how to verify without the initial blue check on the Photos app.

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It's worth noting that as of now, everything appears to be part of one feed. Unlike Twitter, there's no "What's happening" section to tell you what's trending and allow you to filter through other feeds, nor are there hashtags to help group content together.

How to create a thread account

After downloading the Threads app, your IG username should already appear on the login page. Click your account name to get started (you don't need to set a new password). If you want to create an account for a different page, click on the "Switch Account" option.

Next, you have the option to import your pre-existing profile picture and bio from your IG account, or customize them for Threads. You will then be asked whether to make your account public or private. From there, you can choose to follow all the same accounts you follow on IG or select a few accounts by clicking the "Follow" button next to the account name.

Finally, you'll be taken to a page titled "How Threads Work," which details how the data is used. The page also includes an explanation of "fediverse," a new social media model used by the app that allows people to "follow and interact with each other across different platforms." Click the "Join Thread" button at the bottom of the page to get started.


If you've tested this application, you know that Threads is far from perfect. Let's be honest, having everyone's topics appear on one feed does more than it does, and only being able to search accounts instead of topics with specific keywords isn't very user friendly. Still, it may not be better than Twitter now, but who's to say Threads won't be the next big social media app a year from now? I guess you'll just have to try it yourself to find out.