7 Ideas for Instagram Stories About You and Your Best Friends

Showing love to your friends on Instagram Stories is like a modern MySpace Top 8. While you probably won't pin their profile photo to your account, likes on your Stories are a way to let all your followers know who's coming to you if this is still an issue. of the top eight. Of course, you can always post a simple selfie or group photo to your account, but there's something special about putting a little extra effort into your Instagram Stories through creative poses and layouts.

Whether you never miss an opportunity to post a birthday story for your best friend or you just want a fun photo to soft tag your friends - there are plenty of ways to step up your IG game and create something like an online masterpiece story. Remember all the work you did on Picnik in the early 2000s? Users have found ways to recreate the same aesthetic in an upgraded way by using different Instagram stickers, copy-paste tricks, and other editing apps to give photos an intentional look without trying too hard. Here are 7 non-basic Instagram story ideas you can use with friends, along with tips for editing them right on your phone.

movie zone

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Users have been formatting black rectangles with white dots around the edges to resemble retro-style photo strips. From there, adding three or more photos can give an otherwise basic group photo of friends a unique look.

A bird’s eye view of “mobile first” photos


The clanking boomerang could be DOA. Instead, try getting a bird's-eye view of your table as your friends grab the food they want or dip their plates into ketchup - this action will make the picture appear super candid and bring a new spin to the "eat on your phone first" motto face.

The album cover

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Choose a song that defines your friendship and turn your photo into an album cover with this easy-to-follow tip from TikTok user @bbyb3a. Spotify stickers look like the pause, play, and share buttons on the music listening app, adding a detail that makes this Story idea super cool.

Three color gradient background

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Use the three-tone background and eyedropper tool to match the tones in your image and make your photos pop. Perfect for taking bestie photos in front of a sunset or other colorful scene.

Photo tagging

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This Instagram story idea is really cute because you can give each of your friends a unique design. In your iPhone photos, select a photo and press the "Edit" button in the upper right corner. On the edit screen, there is a markup button in the upper right corner that lets you choose the tool and color you want to write with. Once selected, you can add angel wings, heart-shaped eyes, and other handwritten doodles to your photos.


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If you really want to get serious about upping your IG Story game, some users like @taytoom use other editing apps like Picsart and Procreate to create scrapbook-level photo layouts. For some features, you do need a paid subscription, so keep that in mind before you decide to make a scrapbook Instagram Story.

Beautiful stickers

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An easy way to add charm to your photos with friends is to choose cute stickers on the Instagram app. User @Mayamaianh shared her favorite sticker artists, which you can type directly into the Instagram Story edit sticker search bar to scroll through your favorite stickers.