No more apps, just artificial intelligence, Carl Pei says there is nothing

Don’t rely too much on your apps…AI may replace them entirely.

Can you imagine a future where you pick up your phone and it knows what you need? Nothing CEO Carl Pei explains what mobile phones will look like in the "post-app era".

In an X video released on Wednesday, Pei talked about his thoughts on Nothing Phones and the future of devices. Of course, artificial intelligence will play an important role in the future. He showed off some new AI features that he said will come to the Nothing Phone(3) "next year."

Explaining these upcoming AI features, Pei said: “The way we use smartphones needs to be redefined. The current user experience has not evolved in more than a decade! The next era needs to be highly personalized, dynamic and cross-functional. experience in the field.” - Device interfaces can also create connections between people, allowing technicians to interact more easily. "

To that end, the demo appears to point to an onboard AI that, once set up, will be fully customized to the phone owner, right down to the voice the AI ​​chooses to speak to that person. While the video doesn't delve into the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Pei said, "However, on smartphones, the user experience has not changed for a long time." He noted that while technology has become better and smoother, using a phone is still a challenge. The experience is still pretty stagnant.

Combined with the demo shared in the video, it seems to indicate that the AI ​​does nothing and can be integrated directly into your device without the need for a separate app. Of course, there are no exact details yet, so we'll have to watch how things unfold.