How to comment using GIFs on Instagram

what to know

  • Click the comment icon on the post, select the GIF icon in the comment field, and then select the animated image.
  • To delete a GIF comment, tap and hold on the GIF or swipe the comment from right to left. Then, select the Delete icon (trash can).
  • You can comment on posts with GIFs in the Instagram mobile app, but not yet in the web version of the app.

This article explains how to use GIFs to comment on Instagram posts. You can use this feature in the Instagram mobile app on Android and iPhone, but not when using Instagram on the web. As of this writing, you can't reply to comments with GIFs; the feature is only available for new comments.

"Congratulations," "Well done," or "Well done" say it better than a movie can. Whether it's cute, funny or sentimental, you can comment on Instagram posts with GIFs in just a few taps.

  1. Select the post you want to comment on and click the comment icon.

  2. Select the GIF icon to the right of the comment field.

    If you see a sticker icon, select it and tap the GIF icon in the lower right corner.

  3. Choose from a selection of GIFs, or use the search box at the top to find one from GIPHY using a keyword or phrase.

  4. Click on the GIF you want to insert and you'll see your GIF comment appear immediately on the post.


    You currently cannot add GIFs saved on your mobile device; you must choose one from the GIPHY option in the Instagram gallery.

If you added an Instagram GIF comment by mistake or just decided to delete it later, you can quickly delete it. Additionally, this is a GIF comment feature available on the Instagram website and mobile app.

You can delete GIF comments in the Instagram mobile app as easily as adding a comment.

  1. Select a post in the Instagram app on your mobile device.

  2. Use the comment icon on the post to find your GIF comment.

  3. Tap and hold on the GIF, or swipe the comment from right to left and tap the Delete icon (trash can).

    You'll notice a short red message at the top that you can click if you want to undo the deletion.

    You will then see that your GIF comment has been removed from the Instagram post.

While you can't add GIF comments to posts on Instagram web, you can delete comments.

  1. Log in to the Instagram website and open the post containing your comment.

  2. Hover your cursor over the GIF to reveal the three points below it, then select those points.

  3. Select Delete in the pop-up window.

  4. Instagram will delete the comment.