What is TikTok Trivia? TikTok is giving away $500,000 in cash prizes — here’s how to enter

If you've used TikTok recently, you may have seen TikTok Trivia notifications blocking your FYP's view. This might get some eye rolls, but you might want to think twice before quitting because the new interactive games are giving away a total of $500,000, which means there's a decent amount of cash to be had. If you're 18 or older and ready to test your trivia knowledge, here's a rundown of TikTok Trivia, including what it is, how to play, and more.

Remember the HQ Trivia days circa 2017? Well, TikTok launched its own version on February 22, and the two games have more in common than you might think. Just like the OG trivia contest, the TikTok trivia contest is live and has 12 multiple choice questions. If you answer all the questions correctly, you'll get a chunk of change from the prize pool, which can range from $30,000 to $100,000 depending on the game. The questions will cover a range of topics including sports, beauty, music, lifestyle and more.

Since Lionsgate launched the game to promote John Wick Chapter 4, TikTok Trivia won't be around for long. So if you want to try and win some prizes, join the fun before the final round on February 26th.

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How to play TikTok Q&A

To play the live trivia game, you need to open the TikTok app and tap "Trivia" on the left side of the screen to pop up the notification or search for #TikTokTrivia in the search bar. From there, you'll be taken to the TikTok Trivia page, where you'll need to confirm you're over 18 and then you can sign up to play the games available that day. You can register for a single game by clicking the "Register" button below the prize pool amount, or you can register for both games by clicking "Register for All Rounds" at the bottom of the screen. You don’t want to skip this step because once you sign up, you’ll be notified before the game goes live so you don’t miss out on the chance to play.

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As of February 24th, you can play twice a day at 8pm and 9pm ET. The prize pool is $30,000 (first game) or $70,000 (second game). Then things will start to pick up for the final two rounds (called Survival Rounds) on February 25 and February 26 at 8pm ET. The Survival Round game will have a prize pool worth $100,000 per game, and there will be no limit to the number of questions that can be asked, and the difficulty of the questions will continue to increase as you progress. BRB, to get a crash course in everything I learned in high school.

Each contest is hosted on the official @TikTok account and hosted by actor and TikTok creator James Henry. Oh, and by the way, TikTok Trivia is time-limited, so there’s no point in cheating just to make a little money.