How to mute X (formerly Twitter) user and create a mute word list

The X (formerly Twitter) mute feature is designed to control what appears in your X timeline, filter your notifications, and protect you from internet trolls and online harassment.

When you mute someone on X, they will continue to see tweets from the account that muted them, and can like, retweet, and comment on them. Mute users can also send you DMs or direct messages.

Although muted accounts can interact with your X account, X hides these interactions from you. You won't see their likes, retweets, or comments in your X notifications, nor will you see their DMs in your X inbox.

Muted users count toward your total follower count (if they follow you), and their interactions with your tweets affect your total number of likes and retweets.

You can mute another user from their profile on X or from a tweet in your timeline. The following instructions apply to the official X app on Windows 10, Android and iOS devices, and the web version of X in an internet browser.

  • To mute Account X from their profile page, select the gear icon next to their profile picture and click Mute .
  • To mute a tweet from someone on X, select the small arrow in the upper right corner of the tweet and click Mute .

In addition to muting user accounts, you can mute words and phrases on X by adding them to the mute words list. Once you add a word or phrase to your Mute Words list, any tweets containing them will be hidden when you view your timeline.

  1. Log in to X and access your profile. Swipe right on the app or select More web info, then select Settings & privacy .

  2. Select content preferences in the X application. In your web browser, select Mute and Block .

  3. Select mute .

  4. Select silent words .

  5. Select Add to add a word or phrase to the Silent Words list.

  6. Enter a word or phrase. Then, choose whether to hide it from your timeline and notifications by tapping the relevant option. You can also choose whether to hide it when used by anyone on X or people you don't follow.

    Select a duration to permanently mute a word, a day, a week, or a month. Use these options to temporarily hide specific content, such as TV show spoilers.

  7. When finished, select Save .

You can add as many words and phrases to the silent word list as you like. To unmute a word or phrase, go to the word list and tap it. Then, tap Delete word at the bottom of the screen.

Although the silent word list is not case-sensitive, it does not take word variations into account. For example, to silence all references to Spider-Man, add Spider-Man, Spider-Man, or even Peter Parker as separate entries.

To unmute someone on X, repeat the steps for how to mute someone and select Undo . If the target account has been muted, the Mute option will read Unmute .

Mute It prevents the person who muted you from seeing your interactions with them.

Here are some reasons why you might choose to mute other X users:

  • Overly enthusiastic followers : It’s great to have loyal X followers who like and retweet some of your tweets. However, if they like and retweet all of your tweets, it can be overwhelming and it’s best to mute them. This way, they can still follow you and interact with your content, but you won't be notified every time they do so.
  • Internet Trolls : Blocking internet trolls from harassing you online may seem like a logical solution, until the trolls realize they have been blocked by viewing your X profile. Blocking these toxic accounts is your best option. They won't know that you can't see their interactions, so they won't create duplicate accounts or contact you through other social networks or email.
  • Friends and Family : As much as you love your friends and family, you probably don't want to see their political or opinionated tweets in your X Timeline. Unfollowing or blocking them can cause untold drama, so muting is your best option. They will still see that you follow their account, and you won't see any tweets from them.

Muting someone on X allows users to see and interact with your tweets, but hide their interactions from you. Blocking someone hides their interactions from you and prevents them from viewing your tweets, media, and profile.

Users have no way of knowing when you've muted them. However, blocked X users can know because X notifies them of their blocked status when they view your profile or send you a DM.