Free TV Streaming: 10 Ways to Watch TV Shows Online for Free in 2024

01 out of 10

Popcornflix: Watch TV classics simply and easily

what we like
  • An eclectic collection of content.

  • Ability to watch programs immediately.

  • Wide range of supported devices including.

what we don't like
  • A lot of the content is either old or super niche.

  • Annoying ad mode.

  • There is no sorting function.

While Popcornflix is ​​primarily known for its wide variety of feature-length films, documentaries, foreign films, and original web series, it's also a great place to watch unique TV shows that are hard to find elsewhere, including cable TV. If you're a millennial looking for some serious childhood nostalgia, you'll want to check out Popcornflix's collection of '90s TV shows, including The Legend of Zelda , Sonic the Hedgehog , Super Mario Bros. Adventures" and other classic works.

It doesn't offer a ton of TV shows, but if you're looking for something different, it might be worth a look. Pre-roll ads will also play when you start watching, but if you just want to give it a quick try, you don't need to sign up for a free account to start watching anything.

02 out of 10

Tubi: 100% legal and unlimited TV show streaming

what we like
  • Watch thousands of shows and movies from famous studios.

  • Multi-platform availability.

  • New content added every week.

what we don't like
  • Track your viewing history.

  • Targeted advertising platform.

  • There is no clear way to filter TV shows from movies.

Tubi is another alternative that operates legally through a licensing agreement. Just like Crackle, it also contains movies.

Tubi is completely free, with a user account that allows you to set up a viewing queue or pick up where you left off. The platform tracks your viewing history to understand your preferences and provide you with better recommendations.

Browse all the standard categories like Action, Drama, Comedy and more, or check out some fun ones like Cult Classics and Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes. With over 50,000 shows and movies, and more being added all the time, Tubi TV is rapidly growing to become the favorite TV show for Internet users around the world.

03 out of 10

Crackle: Watch popular TV shows and Crackle originals

what we like
  • Available on numerous platforms.

  • Easy to navigate interface.

  • In addition to TV shows, you can also watch popular movies.

what we don't like
  • Available for free only in the US and Australia.

  • Very little unique content.

  • Very loud advertising.

With Crackle, you can watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows (in addition to movies) and create personal watch lists so you can keep track of everything you're watching.

Because it's a completely free service that's accessible across multiple major platforms, including mobile devices with the free Crackle app, the show contains some advertising. Regardless, Crackle is a great option that you can watch using one of their apps on your computer or mobile device.

All you need to do is create a free account to start watching. Select the TV tab in the top menu or search for the show title and select the episode you want to watch.

You can also use the filter options to browse shows by genre, alphabetical order, recently added, full episodes, clips, trailers, and upcoming content.

04 out of 10

Pluto TV: Watch some of your favorite TV channels

what we like
  • The perfect combination of live and on-demand programming.

  • Similar to traditional cable TV.

  • Desktop and mobile apps available.

what we don't like
  • Advertisements appear at awkward times.

  • New programs are limited in number.

  • The website is not protected by an SSL certificate.

With the Pluto TV live streaming platform, you can browse over 100 free channels including news, entertainment, sports, comedy, and more.

Some content is live, some is not. It's a bit like RabbitTV Plus, except you don't have to pay an annual fee to watch.

Similar to traditional cable; you can see what's currently playing without having to decide what you want to watch. Although you won't be able to watch popular network shows, you will be able to listen to newscasts from many major networks and find familiar episodes of other relatively popular shows.

05 out of 10

Yidio: A simple website that searches for shows on your behalf on the web

what we like
  • Excellent user interface.

  • Covers basic paid services.

what we don't like
  • Points to some paid services.

  • Not optimized for delivering movies and TV.

Similar to ShareTV, Yidio is a TV source aggregator that points you in the direction of other third-party hosts where you should be able to watch specific episodes.

You can use the right sidebar to browse by genre, and the top menu to filter available shows by what's available on a variety of premium streaming services. Of course, if you're looking for content that's free to watch, you'll want to select the "Free" filter.

When you select a show, you'll see a summary based on IMDb information and thumbnails of several available episodes. Select any thumbnail to go to a specific episode list.

The downside to using Yidio is that its free listings aren't by far the most accurate or updated, and you may come across a show that, although it's listed in the free category, only has short clips and not full episodes available for free Watch. There are a lot of ads for Amazon, Google Play and iTunes along the way, but if the episode is indeed free, links to free sources (such as YouTube) will be available at the very bottom for you to click.

06 out of 10

Vudu: Watch a range of popular web shows

what we like
  • Huge selection of programs.

  • Ability to filter free content.

  • Ability to download content for offline viewing.

what we don't like
  • Requires creation of an account to view.

  • Multiple ads for free content.

  • There are very few programs currently available.

Vudu is Walmart's pay-per-view TV show and movie streaming service that offers many shows and movies free to watch. The free programming has ads, but for a platform that offers high-quality, relatively popular programming from networks like CBS, Fox, HBO, and more, they're definitely tolerable.

You can filter TV shows by genre, or select the Free TV only checkbox, which filters out all paid content so you only see content that's free to watch. As a nice bonus, you can also browse by Most Viewed, Release Date, and Recently Added to find hidden gems you might not find otherwise.

07 out of 10

Shout Factory TV: A cult classic for retro entertainment lovers

what we like
  • Very good selection of cult/classic shows, but hard to find.

  • All content is free to watch.

  • Ability to filter movies and TV shows by genre.

what we don't like
  • There is no user account feature to save shows for later viewing.

  • Free content comes with ads.

Shout Factory TV offers over 2,000 hours of cult and classic television shows that have helped shape today's pop culture. On this site, you will be able to find some of the most famous shows and movies that many other sites simply don’t have, making it a site worth adding to your bookmarks.

All content is free to watch with ads, or you can choose to get an ad-free subscription. As a digital channel, Shout Factory TV is also available on a variety of popular platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and more.

The main disadvantage of using this site on the web is that there appears to be no user account creation feature. So if you want to log into your account to save videos, get new suggestions, and pick up where you left off, you're out of luck.

08 out of 10

Internet Archive: The Internet's Official Content Repository

what we like
  • Excellent layout and ability to search/filter thousands of content.

  • Each show has a wealth of information, including descriptions and reviews.

  • Ability to save programs via user account to watch again or later.

what we don't like
  • Not the ideal place to find current or popular shows.

  • Overwhelming library, mostly old content.

The Internet Archive is not an official streaming service, but it is one of the best places to find publicly accessible digital content. You can access old websites, software, games, music, video content and a large collection of public domain books.

In the TV section, you can browse TV recordings, including shows, commercials, and even government programs. Many of these have hundreds of thousands of views.

Content is organized into collections based on type. You can also use the filters on the left to find shows by year, theme, series, creator, and language.

09 out of 10

YouTube: Where some of the best shows may be hidden

what we like
  • Most people are already familiar with YouTube's interface and search tools.

  • Lots of related content like fan clips or highlights from movies and TV shows.

what we don't like
  • Strictly speaking, most of the videos uploaded are not licensed, so there is likely some infringement.

  • YouTube is not intended to offer movies or TV shows; it is optimized for user uploads.

A lot of people don't realize that YouTube is actually a great place to find TV shows. While you won't have full access to the latest or popular shows (unless you pay), and you won't be guaranteed a high-quality viewing experience, you might still be pleasantly surprised by what's available on the web's largest video-sharing network.

Just search the show title and see what comes up. For example, if you search for Boy Meets World - an ABC Family sitcom from the '90s - almost every season will turn up a few uploaded episodes. On the other hand, if you search for "Grey's Anatomy" — one of the bigger, more popular shows — you'll find results that say you have to pay to legally stream the show on YouTube.

Some people will upload popular TV shows for a period of time, but will eventually be reported or caught by YouTube. Depending on the time and show you're looking for, you might find content that really shouldn't be there due to copyright restrictions.

10 out of 10

TVPlayer: Watch the latest British shows (UK only)

what we like
  • A selection of channels focusing on British TV.

  • Stylish, easy-to-use design.

what we don't like
  • Free tiers are limited.

  • The presence of ads seems a bit heavier than other options.

If you're in the UK or like British shows, you'll want to check out TVPlayer. This free TV streaming service offers 95 channels for free on desktop and mobile devices, including currently live shows.

Users who upgrade to a Plus account for a monthly fee have access to 30 premium channels. (Sorry, American readers; this site is for readers across the pond only.)

Free channels include popular channels such as BBC 1, Discovery, ITV, Dave, Five, History, Lifetime and more. All you need to sign up is create an account using your email address, verify your account creation and start watching!

Obviously, the big downside to this feature is that it's limited to UK users. If you are located elsewhere (for example in the US) you can still create an account and log in, but if you try to watch something TVPlayer will first check to make sure you are in the UK and if you try to watch something TVPlayer will block Access is not.

Since so many people have discovered the benefits of a virtual private network (VPN), it's possible to bypass TVPlayer's geo-restrictions if you give it a try. That being said, more and more streaming services are seriously cracking down on the VPN trend (like Netflix, so don’t be surprised if TVPlayer doesn’t work with your VPN either!

If you have a favorite TV show that you want to watch for free because you missed it or don't watch the channel, a good way to catch up on the show is to visit the network's website to see if it's available for free. Streaming.

All of the networks below show some full episodes, but also clips.

Here are some popular TV networks that offer streaming TV show options:

  • NBC: NBC does a great job of releasing and saving their TV shows quickly so you have enough time to watch them. You can even watch the entire series directly from their website.
  • USA: USA Network, part of NBC, lets you watch all your favorite USA shows, including full episodes the day after they air.
  • ABC: They have full videos of the latest episodes of every show, as well as video clips, highlights and sneak peeks of all your favorite ABC shows.
  • CBS: On CBS, you can watch shows after they air on CBS for free. There will be quite a few advertiser interruptions during the streaming video, but you'll know when they're coming because they're clearly marked on the screen.
  • DisneyNOW: You can watch Disney Channel movies on DisneyNOW. There's a page that lists all the shows you can watch, as well as some interesting category pages.
  • FOX: FOX releases free TV shows for you to watch one day after they air, but they remain locked so you can watch them until eight days after they air.
  • CW: You can watch CW TV shows for free on their website the day after they air.
  • PBS: PBS has a large selection of free online TV series, including Masterpiece Theater, PBS NewsHour and Frontline .
  • MTV: MTV offers full episodes of all your favorite MTV shows, including clips and extras.
  • Freeform (ABC Family): Freeform puts TV shows online the day after they air so you can enjoy them.
  • A&E: Watch full episodes of shows like Bates Motel, Storage Wars , and Dog the Bounty Hunter .

You may need to provide your TV provider information to watch certain streaming content on online platforms.