Hands-on: The new Meta Quest 3 case from Waterfield

  • This travel case easily holds your Meta Quest 3, controller and charging cable.
  • It's compact enough to take on a plane or in a hotel room.
  • If you use the extended battery pack, it won't be able to hold up your Quest 3, but it's worth the trade-off.

The Meta Quest 3 travel case from Waterfield is a gorgeous, premium-quality padded case wrapped in waxed canvas and leather. It's quickly become my favorite way to store my Quest 3, even when I'm not traveling, and it makes flying with the device (the Meta's new Airplane VR mode) even more comfortable than before.

Now, I love Waterfield bags; I have several backpacks and small tool cases left over from the past decade of writing tech articles. Build quality is always top-notch, with bags featuring thoughtful designs and high-end materials.

The Meta Quest 3 Shield Case is no exception. A waxed canvas exterior (also available in 1050-denier black ballistic nylon) and a well-padded interior will keep your VR headset in safe condition. A zippered pocket on the front of the case and a slip pocket on the back allow you to stow a variety of chargers and power cords, a soft lens cleaning cloth, and more to help keep your Quest 3 charged and clean on the go. The outer zipper is waterproof, keeping your precious electronics dry and warm.

The padded controller bag fits nicely into the bag in the area behind the headset. The only issue I had is that it doesn't fit the Quest 3 external battery headband, so you'll have to carry it separately if you want to take it with you. This isn't a huge issue, VR sessions while traveling tend to be a bit shorter than at home, but long flights almost require the extra battery life.

That said, carrying my Quest 3 in a compact cube-shaped case makes more sense than Meta's own solution, which is an egg-like hard-shell case that does fit the external battery strap, but Much less portable and much less available. Overall useful (no pockets or waterproofing).

Waterfield offers two optional straps: a standard $20 strap that allows you to sling this bag over your shoulder, and a $44 hanging strap that offers more stretch for more comfortable carry. I didn't try it either because I ended up removing the straps from most of my gear, but I can say that previous bags with suspension straps were very comfortable and the quality extended from bag to strap. If you want to carry it on your shoulder, spend an extra $44.

I also ended up storing the Quest 3 in shielded boxes around my house because it really held the item and protected it from the bumping and jostling that typically occurs when moving it from room to room. I even use it to charge my headphones; I just pop the top open and plug in the USB-C charging cable, and it just sits there charging and looks classy.

I can't say enough about how beautifully crafted it is. Waxed leather is my favorite Waterfield material because it looks better with wear. The same is true, maybe even more so, for chocolate-colored leather. You can maintain them simply by using a hot hair dryer, as shown in the video below. Personally, I love the way the materials scratch over time. They get such a cool retro look from it.

If you're looking for the right product for your Apple Vision Pro, Waterfield has a beautiful case for you, as well as a new Apple Vision Pro backpack. If you have Apple's spatial computing headphones, be sure to give them a look.

Finally, if you're looking for a sophisticated, stylish case to carry and store your Meta Quest 3, look no further than the Waterfield Meta QWuest 3 Shield Case. Priced at $189, it's a great way to ensure your VR headset stays safe and dry while traveling or even stored at home. While the smaller case can't accommodate an expanded battery pack, its compact size and design are still worth the price.