How to see who shared your posts on Facebook

what to know

  • Select the bell icon to see all notifications, including who has shared your Facebook post.
  • Alternatively, view the original post. Above the Like and Comment buttons, select the number of shares (for example, 2 shares ).

This article explains two simple ways to view Facebook sharing statistics, including how many shares your posts have received and who shared them. Instructions are available for desktop and mobile users.

If you posted something recently, the easiest way to see if it has been shared is to check your notifications. Select the alarm / ring icon in the upper right corner of Facebook or open the Notifications page. Find alerts that mention your post, and you'll see who shared it and when.

Your profile is another place where you can see how many times your Facebook posts have been shared and by whom. Here's how it works on Facebook's website:

  1. Visit your profile and scroll until you find a post that interests you.

    If it's not a recent post, you can find it by searching on Facebook. Search for a word or phrase from the original post, then select "Posted by" on the left side of the results and select "You" to view your previous posts.

  2. Find the space between the post content and the comments section, directly above the Like, Comment, and Share buttons. If you see the text 1 share , 2 share , etc., your post has been shared.

  3. Select Share / Share to see who shared the post and any other information that person included when they shared the post.

You can also easily see who has shared posts created by others. You will notice that the same sharing link is available on the right side of the post. Click it to see a list of people who shared the post.

Depending on the user's privacy settings, you may not be able to see everyone who shared the post.

  • Once you've been blocked by someone, whatever content you post or share that others may share will not be visible to them. The only way they'll see your post is if a mutual friend posts their own original screenshot.

  • You can't delete specific posts of yours that others have shared, but you can delete the original post. In the upper right corner of the post, select the three dots to find the option to delete the post. Any retweets or shares will be blank.