Apple releases AR goggles, Facetime video messaging and AR glasses mental health tracker

If you've been following Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Twitter, you know there's a ton of exciting stuff coming up. In addition to making much-requested changes to AutoCorrect (which has iOS users saying "it's about 'dodge' time"), the company also announced a slew of useful Apple Watch and software features that will be game-changing . Perhaps the biggest headlines from the event, though, revolved around a pair of $3,500 augmented reality (AR) goggles, because, duh. In true Twitter fashion, users can't help but meme the developments that deserve attention, and the content generated from this event was truly gold.

The annual IYDK conference, held June 5-9 in Cupertino, California, allows Apple to showcase new iOS updates to software developers and give the first previews of upcoming products. This year, the upgrades that caught the most attention from fans include a mental health tracker on Apple Watch, the ability to navigate offline using Apple Maps, FaceTime video messaging, and Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first mixed reality headset. Additionally, the brand announced that iPhone users will soon be able to exchange contact information using a new iOS 17 tool called NameDrop, as well as an Apple Music feature that can animate your favorite album covers.

If you haven't been following the event yet, here's a quick rundown of the most exciting features announced during the conference, as told by Twitter memes. Well, not really, but maybe you'll be able to appreciate the jokes a little more once you learn about the exciting updates.

Apple Vision Pro

As Apple's first foray into mixed reality, the Apple Vision Pro goggles invite fans to expand their surroundings. The "spatial computing" operating system allows users to control the headset through hand movements, eye gestures and voice commands. According to Wirecutter, you can use AR glasses to make FaceTime calls, send messages, and watch your favorite TV shows and movies. You can even integrate it wirelessly into your viewing experience with your viewing Mac. The future is here, y'all.

Although Apple is known for its sleek designs, the Apple Vision Pro goggles are truly goggles .

Look, augmented reality is fun, but I shouldn't be relying on my headset to tell me if I'm unemployed.

Ha ha.

Apple Watch Mental Health Tracker

Apple previewed the new watchOS 10 on June 5 and announced that Apple Watch users will soon be able to track their mental health through the updated Mindativity app. According to the watchOS 10 press release, the app will allow users to "discreetly and conveniently record their momentary emotions and daily moods" to help document their mental health peaks and valleys.

This is detrimental to my mental health tracker.

It's great that Apple is bringing awareness to such an important issue, but there's no substitute for the OG mental health tracker: the Mood Ring.

This is too fateful.

Don’t worry – the mindfulness app will be a judgment-free zone.

While it's fun to joke about, mental health trackers are actually very beneficial. According to the press release, a reflective mindset has been proven to "increase emotional awareness and resilience." Plus, it’s cool to be able to see your mental health improve over time.

FaceTime video messaging

If you think drunk texting is a problem, just wait until 3 a.m. You can leave a drunk FaceTime video message to your friends New iOS 17 feature lets you record a video message after a failed FaceTime attempt so you can instantly update your roommates after their first date, or when family members don’t call.

It looks like people are already warming up to their FaceTime video messaging skills.

Unfortunately, this will be me.

You missed my call and I scared you. It's that simple.

Offline Apple Maps

Soon, the days of getting from point A to point B without service will be gone, as iOS users will be able to download select maps to take offline when iOS 17 releases later this year, reports The Verge navigation. According to the publication, offline maps will still offer route planning help, estimated arrival times, and walking, biking, driving and public transit direction options.

Road trips will never be the same again, here’s the real sentiment:

Autocorrect updates

After years of pleading from fans, Apple is finally getting rid of one of its most annoying autocorrect presets - you know.

From mental health trackers to augmented reality headsets, there was a lot to digest at this year's WWDC. Sure, tweets have been pretty critical so far, but imagine how good the memes will be when these features and products actually drop.