How to change your X (formerly Twitter) username

what to know

  • In your browser, go to More > Settings & Privacy > Your Account > Select Account Information.
  • Next, confirm your password > select a username . Under Change username , enter a new name > Save .
  • On the app, tap the profile icon > Settings & Privacy > Account > Username . Enter your new username > Done .

This article explains how to change your X (formerly Twitter) username through your account settings, whether you're using X's desktop website or its mobile apps for iOS and Android.

It's easy to change your username or handle using X in a web browser or through its mobile app.

To give X's website a new name, you need to browse to the "More" menu on the home page.

  1. Navigate to, log into your account, and select More from the left menu.

  2. Select Settings and Privacy .

  3. Select your account and then Account Information .

  4. Enter your password and select Confirm .

  5. Select a username .

  6. Under Change username , enter your new username and select Save . You have set up a new X handle.

    Xwill alerts you to unavailable usernames and provides suggestions.

The process is the same whether you are using the X app on an iOS or Android device.

  1. Launch X and click on your profile icon or picture.

  2. Click Settings & Privacy .

  3. Click Account .

  4. Click on your username .

  5. Click Continue to confirm you want to change your username.

  6. Enter your new username and click "Done." You have set up a new X handle.

    X will alert you to unavailable usernames and provide suggestions.

Your X account is the username associated with your account; it always begins with the @ symbol. Your username can also be seen by viewing the URL of your X account's public profile.

Your X nickname or username is different from your X display name, which is the name you added when you edited your X profile. Your display name can be the same as many other people's, but your username is always unique to your account.