How Clinique is bringing representation into the virtual world

There's no shortage of hype about virtual worlds and what today's virtual reality means for the way people interact with each other. Whether you're excited or a little overwhelmed, it's clear that these digital worlds are here to stay. But, just like the real world, the virtual universe has its problems—from reports of sexual assault and harassment to a severe lack of representation—it's not a utopian fantasy world. To address inequality in diversity and celebrate beauty in all its forms, Clinique has launched a new beauty NFT campaign called Metaverse Like Us .

With the help of software company Daz 3D, Clinique worked with three makeup artists and creators: disabled makeup artist and beauty creator Tess Daly, black celebrity makeup artist Sheika Daley, and trans beauty content creator Emira D'spain to develop A non-fungible product token (NFT) makeup line will be launched in the virtual universe in July. Each artist will curate two exclusive looks suitable for various irreplaceable people (NFPs). The looks will be rolled out in three installments in July, August and September, each time available to 1,968 randomly selected avatars in Daz 3D's super-diverse virtual world, including avatars with skin tones, those with skin conditions such as vitiligo, and others. Avatars, disabled avatars, etc. (Incidentally, the number 1,968 is a nod to the year Clinique was founded.)

An example of the avatars that will appear in the Clinique “Metaverse Like Us” NFT beauty campaign.



Clinique’s mission? Focus on communities that are often overlooked in digital spaces – an ongoing issue in the virtual world. According to the Art Basel 2020 Market Report, only 20% of Metaverse users and creators are female, and less than 16% of all NFT artists are female. Beyond that, NFTs with avatars of color and disabilities are often worth less than white avatars. As one of the first brands to launch in the virtual universe, Clinique's goal is to "serve all skin types," said Roxanne Barretto Iyer, vice president of global consumer engagement. "This means we are committed to increasing inclusion wherever our brands connect with consumers. We want to make sure we take this space seriously and help shape it for current and future generations."

The Metaverse Like Us event also features virtual worlds for eye-catching avatars to hang out in, which Bustle got a sneak peek at. One is a modernly decorated lounge with a wheelchair ramp, another is a streamlined laboratory with an elevator, and the third is a whimsical, shell-themed pink otherworldly oasis. Basically, Metaverse is about to get even cooler. All 8,888 avatars of Daz 3D will be able to enter the world designed by the Clinique team. Still worth noting? If the beautiful look in the space catches your eye, you'll be able to visit the Clinique website to learn more about the rhythm and purchase the product - a win-win for you both in virtual reality and in real life.