One UI 6.1 broke some Galaxy displays (but now it's fixed)

Samsung recently released One UI 6.1 for older Galaxy devices, bringing Samsung's Galaxy AI capabilities to phones like the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra. However, while features like circle search and translation tools are nice, they aren't of much value if your display isn't responsive.

TechRadar noticed Galaxy users taking to Reddit and Samsung community forums to complain about displays not working properly after the One UI update. On Reddit, the OP stated that after installing version 6.1, their display became completely unresponsive to touch input. The only way to make everything work is to use the S Pen. Restarting the device didn't help either. The OP of the Samsung community forum thread tried wiping the entire phone, but the display still didn't respond.

[ Update April 5 ] The cause of the problem was unknown at the time this was published. The main theory is that One UI 6.1 somehow breaks compatibility with third-party monitors, since both OPs linked above used non-OEM parts in their affected Galaxy devices. It seems unlikely that Samsung is intentionally breaking third-party displays, but since companies already do so-called part pairing, it doesn't seem unreasonable for Samsung to accidentally render these non-Samsung parts unresponsive.

However, Samsung later commented on the issue and said it was not an issue with third-party monitors. The company claimed in a post on its Korean community site that the issue stemmed from compatibility issues with "certain Google app features." Samsung singles out Google Discover as the culprit for One UI 6.1 touchscreen issues.

No matter what's causing the problem, there's a solution: Samsung says you need to update the Google app to the latest version, delete its data, and then restart your Galaxy.

How to fix One UI 6.1 screen crash error

Update your Google apps from the Play Store as usual. (You can search for the Google app and tap Update .) Now, to delete its data, go to Settings > Apps > Google > Storage and tap Delete Data . Restart your Galaxy and the display should return to normal, at least according to Samsung.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't seem to have a solution for those whose displays are completely unresponsive, as getting into these settings requires a certain level of input. Hopefully Samsung releases an official update to completely fix the issue. You can revert to One UI 6 in the meantime, but you'll lose data, so if you can get the phone to work using the S Pen, that's probably the better approach for now.