Samsung shows off new color e-paper displays for businesses

The signs you encounter in hotels, hospitals and office buildings are getting better connectivity and more efficient display technology.

There's a lot of tech baked into the stunning digital displays you see in hotels, hospitals and even billboards, and now Samsung is making them even more efficient.

At InfoComm 2024, the AV trade show for professionals, Samsung announced the expansion of its SmartThings platform for consumer smart home devices into the business ecosystem with the new SmartThings Pro, an intelligent control system for digital signage. Additionally, the company said it plans to debut its new color e-paper at the conference.

SmartThings Pro is a control system for digital signage. With SmartThings Pro, businesses will be able to control signs using integrated sensors. According to Samsung's press release, "These features help users automate routine configuration and setup, enabling more efficient and sustainable operations while reducing overall business costs."

Manufacturers can use SmartThings Pro through an API that can be integrated into their control systems to improve energy efficiency in addition to making it easier to control these devices.

The more exciting part of the announcement, however, is Samsung's intention to show off its new color e-paper. Samsung calls the full-color e-paper technology an "ultra-low-power display" that "operates at 0.00W when displaying static images and consumes much less power than traditional signage when changing images." This means digital displays in shops, subways and many other areas will become more energy efficient while also delivering beautiful full color results.

Samsung will also showcase interactive whiteboards and the BED Series of Samsung TVs, a range of 43- to 85-inch TVs designed for restaurants, education and small businesses.