This AI filter shows you what you look like in different time periods

You've probably said "I was born in the wrong decade" at least before, either wholeheartedly or completely sarcastically. You look really good in bell bottoms, so you feel like you fit into the 70s style. Or maybe you're still obsessed with Juicy Couture tracksuits and wish you could turn back the clock and become Y2K it girls. Maybe you've always wanted to live out your true Regency Bridgerton fantasy. While actual time travel isn't on the horizon (at least not yet), genealogy platform MyHeritage has an AI time machine so you can see what you looked like in different historical periods.

In November 2022, TikTok users began sharing the results of MyHeritage Time Machine. Some users suggested that the era you feel most connected to might be a sign of your past life, while others compared their photos to old photos of their grandparents. Now, the #aitimemachine hashtag has been viewed more than 34.8 million times on TikTok, and users are sharing their favorite versions of history for all to see.

"I tried using AI filters to see what I would have looked like throughout history," user @marymargaret14 wrote before sharing photos of herself cosplaying a Viking, a French aristocrat, a 1930s movie star and a hippie. Never felt so beautiful." Read on to learn how to use the MyHeritage AI Time Machine to see how you looked at different moments in history.

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How to use MyHeritage AI Time Machine

To learn some potential insights about your past life, you must visit the MyHeritage AI Time Machine login page. Once you're there, you'll need to create a MyHeritage account if you don't already have one. This requires an email address, password, and credit card information (although you do get a 14-day free trial).

Once you sign up for an account, you'll be able to use AI Time Machine for $12, and you'll be prompted to upload at least 10 photos of yourself, though you can add up to 25 to help the filter be more accurate. It is recommended that you send 3 full body photos, 5 upper body photos, 10 close-ups and 2 profile photos.

After uploading, you will need to wait approximately 30 minutes for results, and you will be notified via email when completed. Once you receive that email, you can log in and select the era you want to view.

What eras does MyHeritage AI Time Machine offer?

For $12, you can choose 20 themed photos, and once you reach that limit, you'll be prompted to pay an additional $12 to unlock more photos. So if you don't want to keep spending money, choose the first 12 wisely.

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There are over 50 historical moments to choose from, including the Ottoman Empire, Van Gogh Portraits, American Frontier, Egypt, Rome, Punk Rock, 1950s Fashion, 1920s Mods, Pirates, Baroque, Vikings, and WWII Nurses etc. You can click on a topic and AI Time Machine will create those photos for you to scroll through in minutes.

How to Make AI Time Machine TikTok Trends

To join the thousands of videos uploaded to TikTok featuring their historical alter egos, you can save your favorite photos from MyHeritage and upload them to a TikTok slideshow or a simple video. Many users paired their videos with the sound of "How I love being a woman" from the TV series Anne with an E.

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Other users created videos with the green screen effect and added their own comments about which era they looked best in.

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Of course, since it's TikTok, some users also took the time to share their epic Time Machine fails and talk about how they use voice filters for good measure.

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Are you ready to go back in time? Collect your best 10 photos and head to MyHeritage. Your past self is waiting for you.