How to use Circle (Twitter’s version of Close Friends)

Since the launch of Instagram's Close Friends, many users have integrated their green circles of trust into a never-before-seen side of their social media. (aka, the more candid roles formerly reserved for private finstas.) From sob-worthy selfie stories to photo-dumps leaving scraps on the cutting room floor, you've probably been keeping you with your chosen group of close, trustworthy friends weird flags flying. Now you can extend this circle of trust to the Birdie app.

On August 30, Twitter announced that the feature (which the company began testing with a small group of users on May 3) is now rolling out globally, so everyone on the platform can now access Twitter Circles.

You can add up to 150 people to your Twitter circles, which is the audience of users who can view certain posts. Once someone joins your circle, they will be able to see tweets and replies shared within the circle. If friends in your Twitter circles have private accounts, their replies will only be visible to their followers who are also in your circles. Don't worry, you can change who's present and who's not at any time and they won't be notified.


While you may have chosen to go private on Twitter, or keep your public tweets more reserved, Twitter Circles let you assume multiple personas on Twitter without having to worry about who reads every one of your online messages. Maybe you love joining in on today's popular meme formats, but aren't quite ready to let your boss see your comedic talents. Or maybe you just don't want your old high school acquaintances to see your more candid Twitter diary entries. There are many reasons to want to limit your audience to a few selected tweets.

Here's everything you need to know about how to use Twitter Circle.

How to use Twitter Circles

When you compose a new tweet, you'll see the option to create a circle, and you'll be prompted to list the users you follow, add them to your Twitter circles by clicking next to their username or from your Removed from Twitter circles. You can select up to 150 users to join your Twitter circle, and you can edit this list at any time by returning to "Edit your Twitter circle" and adding or removing users as needed.

Once you're ready to tweet to your circles, just draft a tweet like normal. You can select "Twitter Circles" to the right of your name in the drafting window. (The button will appear green.) Then, just click the Tweet button and only your circles will be able to view or reply to your tweet.

Now, the hard part is – who will join your circle?